Mother’s Day Themed Racing Game

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Mother’s Day Themed Racing GameMother’s Day is upon us! You’ll probably have a full house in your children’s church or classroom. If you’d like to help out Mom and have kids burn a little energy before you send them home, try this racing game. Don’t let the word “race” scare you! If you keep the game simple and explain the rules kids will have a safe and fun time.
Breakfast in Bed Racing Game
It’s Mother’s Day! It’s safe to say that many Moms will receive breakfast in bed. That’s where we go this fun Mom-Day themed racing activity.

  • 2 Trays
  • 2 Plastic plates
  • 2 Plastic forks
  • 2 Plastic cups
  • 2 Plastic vases
  • 2 Fake flowers
  • Tape
  • 2 Chairs
  • 2 Small tables

Prepare to Play
Tape a start and finish line on the floor at least ten to twenty feet.
Place the chairs at the finish line.
Set one of each item at each table. Don’t assemble the trays. That’s part of the race.
Let’s Play

  1. Divide the class into two teams or select an even number of kids for each team.
  2. Ask two volunteers, one from each team sit in the “Mom” chairs. The teams line up behind the start line.
  3. Blow the whistle or say “Go!” and the first kid in line assembles the breakfast for Mom on the tray.
  4. He or she runs to the finish line and says, “Breakfast is ready!”
  5. Mom takes the tray and runs back to the finish line while the kid who delivered the tray sits in the chair.
  6. Now the next kid does the same thing delivering the tray and taking the child’s place.

The first team that finishes the race is the winner! Mix up the teams and play this game a few times. Make it really fun and tell the kids they have to tip toe to the Mom chair and have the “Mom” pretending to sleep until their team mate shouts, “Breakfast is ready!”
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