"The Four Gospels" Coloring Pages

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Free Coloring Pages for the Four Gospels
Illustrated coloring pages for the four “Gospel Books” of the New Testament. Free PDF download.

These four coloring sheets are part of our larger series for every book of the Bible. These are part of a larger series of coloring sheets on every book of the Bible.

  • Download all four Gospel pages as one PDF document. This file also includes a 5th sheet where the illustrations are combined into one page, as pictured above.
  • View Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John on their separate download pages. You can also download the combined version as a single page PDF or JPEG image, as pictured above.

Don’t miss our review worksheets if you’re teaching a lesson or series about the Gospel books. We also have the entire Old Testament coloring book and New Testament coloring book combined in a single download.

2 thoughts on “"The Four Gospels" Coloring Pages”

  1. Great pictures, great ideas
    I’ll put it in spanish for my bible ministrie with children in Mexico.
    can I use all your pictures as well?
    thanks a lot!

  2. Thank you for the beautifully illustrated OT Books coloring pages. It will make it easier for the students to remember highlights from each book. I eagerly await the NT Books coloring pages. Thank you and God bless you.

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