3 Egg Object Lessons for Easter

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Easter Eggs
The unassuming egg plays no role in the true, Easter story but kids don’t care. Thousands of little ones wake up expecting a basket and eggs to hunt every year. As teachers, I think it’s a smart move to capitalize on popular culture. In my children’s church, Spongebob Squarepants got saved and declared, “I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready for kids’ church!” (Followers of the animated series will understand.) Another time, we used the Cars craze to declare, “Life is a Highway — and God’s driving me!” The egg is no exception to my team’s creative ideas! We came up with 3 egg object lessons for Easter to use for our kids’ ministry.
The incredible egg drop: Boy with this fun! I loved it as much (or more) than the kids. Here’s what we did. We brought four eggs to church. (We only needed two but brought extra in case of cracking.) I set a clear, glass bowl on the floor to catch the dropped egg but I wanted kids to see the impact.
I told a story to give an example of God’s protection. We chose the story of the three Hebrew boys, Shadrach, Meschach and Abedneggo. My class heard about God’s protection and how prayer helps strengthen that protection. I held up the egg and I said, “This egg is like you and I without God living in our hearts, protecting us from the invisible world.” I dropped the egg into the bowl from a height of about 5 feet. Splatter city!
“But, what happens if we live a life of prayer and are covered in His protection?” My assistant and I added three layers of bubble wrap around the egg. We talked about each layer. These layers were prayer, worship and faith. We dropped the egg to the ground and it didn’t break. The kids were amazed! We cut away the bubble wrap to prove that there were no cracks.
God colors our lives: I ask parents to send kids to church in play clothes this day or I provide smocks to protect their clothes. Backwards button downs work great. My volunteers boil dozens of eggs and we prepare bowls of color. Before we have our egg coloring activity, I hold up a plain, white hardboiled egg. I demonstrate how all the eggs in the carton look the same. Boring! But God colors our lives. When we live for Him, every life is lovely, special and important.
What’s inside? I prefer to give this object lesson using a hardboiled egg but you can use it raw too. I say, “Like the apple, the egg has three parts: A yolk, a white and a shell. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are like this egg. They all work together perfectly.” We peel away the outside layer, (the Holy Spirit) to see the egg white (Jesus). We cut through the white to see the yolk at the center, (God.) My kids loved it!
I hope these egg object lessons for Easter help you bring the gospel to your kids this year!
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