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You are not alone in childrens ministry! Ministry-To-Children helps you teach kids from God’s Word. Since 2007, we have provided expert written, Bible-based, church tested materials for childrens ministry. There’s nothing to buy because it’s all 100% free online. We have a simple mission:

Help you tell kids about Jesus!

Every Sunday, our readers are face to face teaching children the Good News about God’s Love. We are honored to share in that work. Childrens ministry doesn’t have to be so hard. Our website can help you with free curriculum, strategies to reach more kids, ideas for building a team of volunteers, and encouragement. Do you want to grow your team with new volunteers? Then read our recommended articles on finding the right volunteers in your church. Do you need a strategy to help parents connect and make a spiritual impact in their family? Then browse our family ministry resources and ideas. Church is more than a building where people come for worship and events. We want the next generation to live out their faith in God everyday and in every life situation they face in the real world. As we build God’s Word into their lives, it plans seeds that will bear fruit for months and years to come.