Podcast #16 Growing Up as the Pastor's Kid

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Amy Fenton Lee
Amy Fenton Lee

Children who grow up as the preacher’s kid face a unique set of challenges & opportunities.
Amy Fenton Lee knows this first hand. She is the daughter of a respected Baptist minister. In this podcast, she talks candidly about that experience and how it has shaped her faith today. She also shares some tips for raising kids in this unique situation.
Anyone serving in ministry should be thinking how it will effect their own children. Listen below and click here to leave a comment.
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You might also enjoy Jon Acuff’s take on this issue. He’s written a couple of blog posts on the topic and mixes a little humor with his opinion. First read about the four types of preacher’s kids and one example of a preacher’s kid gone wild.
Believe it or not, Wikipedia even has an article on this topic:

There are two different stereotypes of the preacher’s kid: In one, they are perfectly angelic role models, in the other they are rebels at the opposite extreme. The existence of these stereotypes is a source of pressure on children of clergy. (Wikipedia)

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