Patience: Learning from our Mission Work in Haiti

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As many readers know, last summer I left my regular church job to serve the forgotten children in rural Haiti. I’ve tried to journal some of that experience on my family blog, but it’s hard to capture the whole story in simple words.
Today, I want to share this video from our latest mission trip.
Basically, it was a lesson in patience from the Lord. We had just enjoyed a wonderful devotional time talking about patience and how the power of God’s timing.
It was an exciting morning because the local Catholic church was going to allow me to speak in their worship service. Many of our mission projects had helped their congregation members and they wanted to hear what Mr. Tony had to say. I was ready to preach the good news, we just had to make it on time. That of course, became the problem. . .
If you’re going on a trip, be sure to learn some basic phrases like — How to say I’m praying for you in Haitian Creole.
I hope you enjoy. Please remember you can pray and donate to expand our work.

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