Pencil Bible Object Lessons

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Pencil Bible Object Lessons
So what’s the most humble school supply? I’d have to go with the pencil–an item that every child is familiar with. Why not take this tool and use it for an object lesson? From chewed to new, a pencil object lesson is one that kids will remember everytime they reach for one. Just for fun, I developed two object lessons you could use to share some important biblical principles with your class. They are also good lessons to use at a “back to school” or “end of school” party.
Unsharpened Pencils
Place a bunch of pencils in a cup, eraser sides up. All the pencils should be unsharpened except one. To help you remember which one is sharpened, place a color rubber eraser on the end of the pencil. Place the cup of pencils on a table in front of your class. Say, “See these pencils guys? I’m going to need pencils because I plan to write a few notes. Let’s see. I think I’ll choose this one.” (Choose an unsharpened pencil.) “Oh no! It looks like I’ve got a problem. Can I write a note with an unsharpened pencil?” (Wait for kids to answer “No!”) “Okay, what should I do?” (Choose another one!) “Let me pick another one.” Choose another unsharpened pencil and say, “This reminds me of something I read about in the Bible. The Bible says we should study to show ourselves approved. That way when God is ready to use us, we are ready too! Like this pencil!” (Show the sharpened pencil.) “We should study the Bible and learn about God’s word to be a sharpened pencil!”
Pencil or Pen
For this object lesson, you need a pencil and a pen (like a marker) a posterboard and a pushpin or two. Hang the posterboard on a wall and secure it in place with a pushpin. Say to the kids, “I love to draw pictures but it is hard to draw a perfect picture, isn’t it? I’m going to try anyway. Let me see. What should I draw?” (Allow kids to give y’s ou some ideas.) “Yes, let’s draw that! Okay here goes.” (Reach for a marker then really mess up the drawing.) “Oh no! That looks awful.  I think I will erase it.” (Try to erase the drawing using a pencil eraser. Kids will see that it truly impossible. “Can you believe my big mistake? I need a do over. This reminds me of God. Sometimes I make a big mistake like I do something wrong, that I knew was wrong. Still, I can’t erase the problem. I have to trust God to do that. He erases the problem for me. He gives me a do over. Hey! I know what to do!” Flip the posterboard over and pin it to the wall. “Now let me try again.ou c This time, I think I’ll use a pencil.”
Your kids will get these object lessons! Have fun!
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