"Pop Rocks" Bible Object Lessons

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Pop Rocks Bible Object Lessons
Kids that aren’t freaked out about candy that pops in their mouth will love Pop Rocks candy. If you have the change to grab a few packets of this unique, classic confection, do it! It makes the perfect item for an exciting object lesson. You see, when this candy is made, it is infused with carbon dioxide. When the candy cools, the carbon is trapped inside. However, once you pop it in your mouth, the candy begins to melt and the high pressure carbon dioxide bubbles burst. That’s what gives you the pops!
You can use this audible, tasty treat as an object lesson to demonstrate the power of God. Here are some object lesson ideas to get you started:
God resurrects Jesus. After three days in the tomb, God gave life again to Jesus. He was resurrected. That candy might feel like ordinary candy to begin with but in just a little while you will feel it change and come to life!
The Holy Spirit bubbles inside us. When we have the Holy Spirit living and working in us, He will lead us and guide us. He bubbles up when we praise the Lord, when we talk to God and when we tell others about Jesus.
God softens the hard hearts. Some people have hard hearts. They never cry; they don’t have sympathy for others. People are not born with hard hearts—things happen that make their hearts less squishy for God. Like these Pop Rocks, hard hearts can be softened when the person allows God to move over them. Do you want a soft, squishy heart for God?
Popping with excitement for God! Acts 3:7-9 tells the story of a lame beggar who was healed in the name of Jesus, rose to his feet and began jumping and leaping! He hopped, skipped and jumped all the way to the temple to tell the priests what God did for him. He was so excited, he couldn’t help but “pop” with excitement!
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