NEW: Pumpkin Prayer Challenge 4-Lesson Sunday School Curriculum for Kids

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The Pumpkin Prayer Challenge is a 4-lesson Sunday School curriculum designed for kids. It offers an easy-to-teach lesson plan with various resources to engage children in learning and understanding the Bible.

Download the free sample lesson below to help kids grow their prayer life.

The curriculum includes:

  • Discussion questions and prayer: Encourages children to reflect on the lesson and engage in prayer.
  • Memory verse activity: Helps children memorize important Bible verses.
  • Printable word search worksheets: Fun and educational worksheets for children to reinforce their learning.
  • Bible story coloring pages: Engaging coloring pages that depict the Bible stories taught in the lessons.
  • Craft activities: Hands-on projects allow children to express their creativity while learning about the Bible.

The Pumpkin Prayer Challenge is part of the Sunday School Store’s collection of teacher-friendly lesson plans, including coloring pages, worksheets, discussion questions, prayer, and parent take-home sheets. The store offers budget-friendly and high-quality materials for young people’s spiritual development, with some resources available for free.

The curriculum is designed for 6-12-year-olds and is suitable for short classes before the pastor’s sermon, as it caters to various ages and includes pictures. It has been well-received by customers, with positive feedback on its value and lessons.

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