Printable Resurrection Story (Part 2 of 7) The Precious Ointment (Matthew 26:6-13)

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Printable Resurrection Reader - (Part 2 of 7) - The Precious Ointment
My 1st grade son is learning to read and we are working on larger words by using syllables and word parts. We are studying the Resurrection story right now and I wanted something that he could use to learn the story as well and practice his reading skills. So I have put these little readers together. I made them small so that it won’t be too overwhelming for your new readers.
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There are 7 parts total in this series:
1 – The Triumphal Entry
2 – The Precious Ointment
3 – Judas’ Bargain
4 – The Lords’ Supper Instituted
5 – The Garden of Gethsemane
6 – The Crucifixion
7 – Jesus is Risen!
I put this together in 7 parts so that you can use whatever parts you want to cover in your classroom. I tried to use the main parts of the account of the Resurrection Week. These readers would go nicely with any other Resurrection week curriculum that you may be using, since these are simple readers that come directly from the Bible. These would also be great to send home with the children in your class so that they can practice reading the story to their parents.
Part 2 is the Precious Ointment. This is taken from Matthew 26:6-13. It tells the account of when a woman anoints Jesus with a very costly perfume.

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