The Easy Solution to Your Volunteer Challenge

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Easy Solution to Church Volunteer Challenge
When was the last time you had 100 percent turnout to your volunteer training? What about 50 percent? Or even 25 percent?
Don’t be discouraged—we’ve all been there! But if your volunteers don’t come to your training, how can you ensure that kids are having the very best experience in classrooms and growing closer to Jesus?
If this is your story—struggling to get volunteers to come to trainings at your church— it’s time to change things up. Your volunteers invest in the hearts of the little people at your church; isn’t it time to invest in the hearts of your volunteers?
Why ministry volunteers quit

Devote Time to Your Volunteers

Pour into the hearts of your volunteers. Thank them for their faithful service, and inspire those who are just jumping into volunteering. By reaffirming their personal calling of investing in children, you’ll spark a renewed passion for what you are doing in your children’s ministry.
It’s so easy with Children’s Ministry Local Training. When you train your volunteers, they experience greater satisfaction in their service. They’re happier. And a happy volunteer is a volunteer who stays around for years and years.

What Is Children’s Ministry Local Training?

Children’s Ministry Local Training is a four-hour, power-packed local training event that’s hosted at different churches throughout America. You and your team will grow closer together while you draw nearer to the heart of Jesus and take in what it really means to give hope to our next generation. This isn’t a sit-and-listen kind of training. This experience is fun, interactive, and practical. It’s perfect to apply right away in your children’s ministry. You and your team will leave refreshed, inspired, and motivated.

Why Are Children’s Ministry Teams Going?

Here are reasons children’s ministry leaders are signing up their teams for these training events.

  1. You don’t have to do the training. Someone else is doing the hard work: sending out the invitations; selecting the topics; preparing the handouts; speaking; and choosing the music, snacks, coffee, and so on. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy your team.
  2. It’s a fun and short outing. This is a fun training. You’re not driving far, and you’ll be meeting other people just like you in your area who are trying to reach children in your community. Your team will thank you for giving them such a fun time on a Saturday morning.
  3. It’s affordable. If you register before the early-bird discount deadline, your team can go for as little as $29.95 per person.
  4. You’ll focus your team on Jesus. Serving in your children’s ministry isn’t about delivering a curriculum; it’s about drawing close to Jesus and sharing him with children. No matter what curriculum or resources you use, no matter what ages you work with, you will benefit from this training.

Coupon Code: Do yourself and your team a favor and go—but register soon because seating is limited. Use coupon code MINISTRY2CHILD to save 25 percent on your registration. Cannot be combined with other discounts. Expires November 12, 2016.

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