The Easy Solution to Your Volunteer Challenge

When was the last time you had 100 percent turnout to your volunteer training? What about 50 percent? Or even 25 percent? Don’t be discouraged—we’ve all been there! But if your volunteers don’t come to your training, how can you

Encouragement for the Mature Volunteer

Getting older is fun, isn’t it? We’ve all heard the jokes. Your knees creak, memory fades, hair gets little lighter — or thinner. But the truth is with age comes wisdom and experience. Just because you seen a few more

Surprising Things That Turn Off Ministry Volunteers

You have an exciting, growing ministry but filling your volunteer roster is a challenge. Despite some eye-catching incentives and advertising some fun volunteer events, the number of willing hands remains low. What’s the deal? That’s a great question and one

7 Things That Drive Ministry Volunteers Crazy

A few months ago, I wrote an article called 10 Things That Drive a Children’s Pastor Crazy. So many folks responded to the humorous punch list, that I followed that up with 6 More Things That Drive a Children’s Pastor

Are You Sabotaging Your Ministry Volunteers?

I am about to be very transparent here, learning how to manage people kindly and thoughtfully didn’t come easily for me. I have been blessed to work with some wonderful people but working with me, a creative, sometimes unorganized children’s

Fun Ways to Find New Ministry Volunteers

It’s spring–time to refill those volunteer vacancies. What’s your strategy for filling those spots with excited, faithful volunteers? Bringing in new faces can feel like a full time job and it can require a bit of skill and patience. Why

When Volunteers Don't Show Up

Without volunteers most children’s ministry would have a difficult time managing the many details of ministering to children. From leading at the crafts table to distributing snacks to teaching, willing hands make it happen. Most of the time, they work

5 Recruiting Mistakes Kids Ministry Leaders Make

After a season of working solo, an extra pair of hands is a welcome sight but in our zeal to lighten the load, we can make recruiting mistakes. Recruiting for kids’ ministry is an ongoing process but don’t fall into