Thanksgiving Newsletter Ideas

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girl-with-bookIt’s easy to get stuck in a rut when you produce a newsletter every week or even once a month. The same features, the regular columns–these can get pretty stale over time. You’ve probably noticed that some weeks, parents and kids can’t wait to pick one up. Other weeks, your newsletters go unnoticed on the welcome table. Break out of the mundane this November with Thanksgiving newsletter ideas that everyone will appreciate. Help parents by providing suggestions for the inevitable road trips and family gatherings. Share resources that parents will want to share with their friends and family! Get the word out!
Safe, Entertaining Road Trip Apps
One of the best things about Thanksgiving–being with friends and family. One of the worst things about the holiday season–driving to multiple destinations. Even a trip across town can be a challenge with a car full of hungry children, gridlock and holiday anticipation. What can you parents do to beat back the boredom? Download a few entertaining but safe apps for kids to play with during the drive. Suggest these kid-friendly apps for Thanksgiving:

  • The Berenstain Bears Give Thanks
  • Cookie Doodle
  • Kids Fingerpainting
  • Turkey Hunt
  • Thanksgiving Coloring Book

All they have to do is search for them in the iTunes store and download them to their iPhone or iPad.
Thanks In Many Languages
Encourage an attitude of gratitude. Teach kids (and parents) to say “thank you” in languages from around the world. You will find heaps of thank you phrases on sites like, Just copy and paste them into your newsletter. If your newsletter is digital check include links to (safe) YouTube videos of kids saying, “thank you” around the world!
Thanksgiving Prayer Suggestions
You might be surprised at how nervous parents can be leading the Thanksgiving prayer. It’s true! Over the last decade, more than one parent has come to me privately for tips. Post a thankful prayer in your newsletter for parents or even kids to read. Here’s an example:
Dear Father,
Thank you for the year we have shared together. I am grateful for the many blessings you have given to our family. Thank you for our home, our food, our health and thank you for the love you have shown us all. I ask you to continue to bless our family in the year to come. We will do our best to remember to remain thankful in our daily lives. As we share this meal, we remember that it is you that has provided it. Please bless the hands that prepared it. Amen!Β 
Add something new each week and use your newsletter to connect with families in a deep and meaningful way.
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