Printable Advent Coloring Pages for Kids

Advent coloring books cover page
Click above to print the Advent Coloring Book Cover Page

This year we’re posting an original series of coloring pages leading up to Christmas. This artwork is by Mandy Groce and is 100% free to use in your church, home, or school. This page features the coloring book cover sheet and links to the rest of the series. If you enjoy these prtintables, you can leave a comment below. We hope these free Advent coloring pages will help your children grow in their love for Jesus Christ.

Directions: To print this cover page, simply click on the preview image to the right. It will open a new window in your browser to download this printer friendly PDF file. We’ve also uploaded a higher resolution jpeg image for advanced editing.

There are five pages in this series, beside the cover page. Click on the links below to see the others.

Free Christmas Coloring Pages
Advent Week #1: Jesus Gives Hope
Free Christmas Coloring Sheets for Kids
Advent Week #2: Jesus Our Way
Preview of Advent Coloring page about joy
Advent Week #3: Jesus Our Joy
Christmas Coloring pages
Advent Week #4: Jesus Brings Peace
Nativity Coloring Pages
Advent Week #5: Jesus is Savior
Christmas Tree Coloring Page for Kids
Christmas Tree Coloring Activity
Jesus Coloring Page in Manger
Jesus in Manger coloring page
Printable Candy Cane Poem
Christmas Candy Cane Poem
Free printable thank you cards for children
Christmas Thank You Cards
Angels & Shepherds Coloring Page
Angels and Shepherds sheets
New Advent Coloring Series

Update: These were so popular that I made a video clip for YouTube to showcase them. Here is the link to watch the Advent coloring pages video preview. We have also posted several Christmas Bible lessons for kids.


  1. Rebecca Schlaegel says

    I would like to thank you for your resources, but you have the advent in the wrong order, you have the 2nd and 4th weeks switched. It should be 1st – hope, 2nd – peace, 3rd – joy, 4th – love, than Christmas.

  2. Laurie Wyrick says

    Thank you so much for all the resources! It has been a great asset for me and I use your printables to supplement our Southern Baptist Sunday School material.

  3. Bonnie Hugg says

    Thank you so much for this free resource to bless our children with. May God bless your ministry 100 fold.

  4. Jean Johnson says

    Tony, you have helped me teach my children in an easier format because my class has different age groups in it. I don’t have to alter much to make it compatible for each student and this is a blessing. Thank you for you time and dedications to God and helping others. Merry Christmas.
    Jean Johnson

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