Review Activity for Kids with Special Needs


Want a fun way to reinforce a Bible lesson that requires little preparation and all kids love?  Keep Yes/No sticks on hand for every Bible lesson.  Either during the story or at the end of small group time, pass out sticks so that each child has a yes for one hand and a no for the other.  Pose […]

Special Needs Ministry Checklist

checklist for special needs ministry

Knowing where to begin is half the battle when starting any new ministry or program.  Use this list as a guideline when walking your church through a special needs inclusion initiative. This checklist was a handout provided in a workshop led by Amy Fenton Lee at the recent Children’s Ministry Expo in Lexington, KY.  Amy […]

Policies & Training for Teenage VBS Helpers

Teen girl holding Bible

The success of a church’s VBS often hinges on the help of teens from the church’s student ministry.  Middle-school and high-school-aged youth can bring enthusiasm and valued assistance to an over-packed class of energetic children.  But without screening or training, teens can unintentionally add to the chaos. Setting expectations and outlining seemingly common sense pointers for youth […]

Exit Interviews: Your New Secret Weapon in Kids Ministry

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Conducting exit interviews and issuing each child an “exit ticket” at the end of a ministry period is a great exercise for reinforcing Bible lessons and communicating with parents. Dr. Alyssa Barnes, an education faculty member at North Georgia College & State University, gave me the idea for creating daily exit tickets inside a children’s […]

Visiting a Church with your Special Needs Child: Try this 4 Step Plan

Beautiful young girl with special needs

This guest post is from Amy Fenton Lee of the Inclusive Church blog. Many churches are working to better include children with special needs.  Whether or not a church has taken steps to welcome children with learning differences or disabilities, parents can proactively prepare the children’s ministry team for their child’s successful inclusion. #1 Contact the […]

Adapting Your Bible Lesson for Children with Special Needs


Five Ways to Make ANY Curriculum More Inclusive Including a child with special needs can present challenges inside a church’s programming. However, by planning ahead and incorporating easy changes into the existing curriculum’s lesson plan, the classroom setting can better include the child with cognitive or physical challenges.  The key to making effective adaptations is in understanding the participating […]