Baptist Sunday School Lessons

I’m often asked by readers which denomination our website represents. The answer is actually many. Just over half of the content here was created by me, so it would be from a Southern Baptist perspective. Several of our other writers are Baptist, Methodist,┬áLutheran, or non-denominational Christian.

That being said, all of our free Sunday School lessons would be acceptable in any Baptist church. After all, I wouldn’t post material on the website that would offend people in my own congregation. There are also some other helpful places to find Baptist Sunday School curriculum online.

LifeWay Christian Resources is the official publishing operation of the Southern Baptist Convention. So, they would be the first place to check if you’re looking for Southern Baptist Sunday School materials.

Regular Baptist Press is another Baptist group that produces curriculum for Sunday School.

Children Desiring God and Praise Factory are also produces by Baptist Churches.

Here is another website that has free Sunday School lessons for adults based on the old “Life and Work” series from the Baptist Sunday School Board.


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