3 Questions to Help Children Think about Vocation & Calling

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Too often, kids get the wrong idea about calling. They begin to think the only way to serve God is to become an one of the three Ms when they grown up: Minister, Missionary, or Married to one of those.
While we should honor these religious vocation, children need to know that God calls people to many other important vocations. In our attitudes and conversations, we can highlight ways that regular people serve God in their everyday life. Both parents and ministry leaders can show them this truth.
Here are three questions to appreciate God’s work through almost any career path:
1. How does this job show God’s glory?
Help kids see how 1 Corinthians 10:31 works out in real life. “Whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God.” Different types of work can do this in special ways. Example: Teachers demonstrate the importance of knowledge, and Christ is the source of all wisdom. Artists show the importance of beauty, and God is a maker of all that is beautiful.
2. How does this career show love for others?
We all know that God wants us to love other people. 1 John 3:23 says it simple enough, “Love one another.” Different jobs can fulfill this command in unique ways. Examples: Restaurant workers can show love through their service. Nurses show love when they care for hurting people. Home builders demonstrate love when they supply safe houses for others.
3. How does this work fight against the effects of the Fall?
We know that at the end of time, Jesus will restore all that was broken in our world. Revelations 21:5 says, “He who was seated on the throne said, ‘I am making everything new!’” Kids need to see how their many vocations prefigure this reality now. When we think forward to that day, our work can give testimony of the world that will come. Example: Garbage men fight against the corruption in our word by removing the trash. Medical researchers are seeking to cure disease.
This questions are just a starting point, but a robust Christian worldview will recognize the value of many types of callings. As ministry leaders, how can we make these truths clear to ordinary families?
I’d love to hear your feedback. Click here to respond. You can also read this article for some theological background on this concept. I’ve also written a Sunday School lesson about work.

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3 thoughts on “3 Questions to Help Children Think about Vocation & Calling”

  1. Hello Tony,
    This is a wonder lesson for our kids. Thank you for taking your time and talent to put it together. I am very excited I have found this website a few minutes ago. May God continue to bless you as you help in the shaping of our kids today. God bless. Gail

  2. I love your material.
    I borrowing it for use in the children ministry . Planning a teaching session during the long holidays about the sabbath rest and work and vocation.

  3. Hi Tony,
    I truly appreciate all the work that you have put into this website. I use your lessons for my Sunday School frequently. I think that this Labor Day lesson is a great starting point to teach about evangelism. May the Lord continue to bless you.

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