Ten Adorable Kids Bible Costumes

Are you researching Bible Costumes? Maybe your child will attend a Christian Halloween event or Trunk or Treat. Maybe your church is having a Bible Character night in their children’s ministry? Maybe your planning a Children’s Christmas or Easter program. In any case, you’ll enjoy these Ten Adorable Bible Character Costumes.

Baby Sheep Costume

The Bible is full of animals and nothing is as cute as a toddler dressed up as one of them. Here is a little lamb Bible costume idea for younger children. (Photo Source)


Toddler Angel Costume

This kids angel costume for infants or toddlers is available for sale or if your handy at sewing you could make your own.


Children Bible Costume Ideas

Here is a group of kids dressed as Bible characters.  (Photo Source)


Beautiful Angel Costume For Girls

What little girl wouldn’t love this costume? Angel costumes are one of the most popular Bible characters. The one pictured below is one is available for purchase online.


Bible Mother With Baby

Your daughter could pick which Bible character she would like to be. Some ideas for this costume would be Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah, or Hannah. (Photo source)


Bible Wise Man Costume

This sharp young man could pass as Wise Man for any Christmas musical or Christian Halloween party. It is available for purchase online.


Little Shepherds Costume

Creative moms can always make a great shepherd costume from everyday items. This one is a great example. (Photo Source)


Bible Princess Costumes

Another adorable example of Bible characters for little girls. (Photo Source)


Bathrobe Shepherd Costume For Kids

You have to love the resourceful mom who put this one together. (Photo Source)


Bible Book Costume

When all else fails, you could dress up as a giant Bible book. This is a great option for adults Bible characters or kids. (Photo Source)


Share Your Bible Character Costume Ideas

If you have another idea for Bible costumes, leave a comment below. What other ways have you used Bible characters?


  1. juanita says

    I dressed as a burnt offering complete wit a bundle of sticks and soot tied about my middle. I used black narrow tennis shoes, white thermal underwear with overshirt in white and black gloves. Soot on my face and of course a white hat so that I completely looked like a burnt sheep. I also made large x’s over my closed eyes so it looked fine with eyes opened but when i closed them looked dead. I even smelled like a burnt offering with my ashes.

  2. KJVgirl says

    When I was young my parents dressed my sister up as Jonah in the whale. They put a whale costume on top of her and the whale covered her body so all you could see was her feet. then there where holes near the tail so she could see. I though you all might like the idea.

  3. Mary says

    too adorable…my little brother and sister are going as adam and eve..theyre in green clothes and leaves EVERYWHERE!!! the princesses are so cute!
    -maybe i’ll change my mind!

  4. alissa says

    My one year old son Noah is going as Noah from the bible. He just started to walk, so i thought how cute to have him waddle around as a old man. My plan is to use facepaint to make a beard, so he can’t pull it off. Make him a robe just his size maybe out of some warm not so fashionable fabric . A rope to tie it together . And a childrens waggon covered in brown paper with the words Noah’s ark and have the waggon filled with stuffed animals , but could work great for towing him door to door in and so cute!

  5. Liz Bryson says

    This year my daughter wanted to dress up as a bee. I took a black shirt and black tights. Added a little bee skirt purchased at a $1 store. Made the pipe cleaner antenas headband and added loads of flowers with hot glue gun. On the shirt we are going to put “little miss bee attitude” and add some ‘bee attitudes’ to it. I know its not a Bible charcter, but we try to get inventive each year!

  6. Teresa Travis says

    I saw an adorable pair of kids at a Christian alternative to halloween concert a few years ago. The little boy and girl were dressed in flesh-colored body suits (long sleeves, long pants-it was cold outside) and wrapped in some greenery. Adam and Eve! It was precious and they won the prize for the best costumes of the night!

  7. shonda says

    my kids are all going as different characters this year. My oldest as Blind Bartimaus with regular clothes on, no shoes, sunglasses, and a can that says Alms for the blind. The next one will be Sampson with a stocking cap and black yarn sewn along the bottom for long hair and his dad’s long sleeve shirt with small balloons strapped to his arms for muscles. My daughter will be Lydia, the seller of purple. A business woman with fake glasses and pulling a wagon or having a brief case full of purple stuff. The last one will be David the shepherd boy. Holding a stuffed lamb and his slingshot. We are trying to get away from all the bath robes!

  8. Trista says

    My kids are going as Noah’s Ark this year, my 8 yr old son will be Noah witht he long white beard, my 6 yr old duaghter is going to be the rainbow and my 1 year old , the ARK! Can’t wait! If any has ideas how I can make a cute, but comfortable suit for a 1 year old, please e-mail me!

  9. Valerie says

    One of my son’s favorite Bible costumes was dressing up like Jonah. This wasn’t any regular Jonah costume, it was Jonah after the whale had spit him up. He wore his robe, sandals and a towel tied on his head. We then pinned green yarn all over him for seaweed, made his hands, face and legs dirty with brown face paint and added pinned sea creatures amongst the seaweed. He also carried a sign that said “On my way to Ninevah”. This costume is great for the kid who likes messes. He won the prize for the best costume that night and it got lots of laughs!

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