Podcast #14 The Legacy Path with Brian Haynes

Brian Haynes "Legacy Milestones" Book

Pastor Brian Haynes created the "Legacy Milestones" strategy for family ministry.

In this fast moving interview, I talk with Brain Haynes about his new Christian parenting book titled The Legacy Path. Among other topics, I asked how these principles can help the non-traditional and broken families our churches need to reach with the Gospel.

  • Update ~ Brian also responded specifically to one of my questions on his blog.

Directions: To listen to this audio recording, simply click the play button below or download the MP3 audio file.

You can learn more about Brian on his personal blog or the Legacy Milestones website. The book is available on Amazon. This podcast was part of a collaborative book tour featuring the following ministry blogs. Check out their posts for more Q&A with Brian.

  • Brandon Baker posted a video chat with Brian on his blog.
  • Jonathan Cliff asks a great question about kids who reject the faith of their parents.
  • Karl Bastian asks why parents feel so inadequate to disciple their own children.
  • Sam Luce  asks who needs to be the main champion of it the milestone strategy.
  • Henry Zonio asks how this book will work with  non-traditional families.
  • Dan Scott asks how parents can begin to engage a church that doesn’t celebrate milestones.


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