Easy Easter Crafts for Busy Teachers

toothpicksMinistry isn’t always scripted. Christian teachers are often called upon to lead special holiday projects and events without much notice. If the ministry you serve is on a budget, you may find preparing for even well planned Easter projects stressful. Supplying each child with a craft kit is pricy if your ideas are complicated. You need easy, inexpensive crafts that will entertain and reinforce the Easter message. These two Easter craft suggestions could be the good ideas you are looking for.

Roll the Stone

This paper Easter craft is a cinch to complete and prepare for. Here is the supply list you will need: 2 brown construction papers of equal size, a clasp, a hole punch, glue, crayons and a small picture of Jesus for each child to color. The picture should be circular too so you can fit it on the construction paper.

Children should color the picture and glue it over one of the squares. Allow the glue to dry for one minute. Lay the second construction paper circle on top of the picture lining them up evenly. Use a hole punch to create a hole at the top of the paper. Slip the clasp in the hole and secure. Children can slide the paper stone away to see Jesus. If you like write “He is Risen” on the front cover of the craft.

Toothpick Crosses

Busy teachers can reach into their pantries for supplies for most of these Easter crafts. You will need these supplies: toothpicks, white glue, play dough and plastic Easter eggs. Small children will need supervision as some may be tempted to snack on the dough.

Give each child two toothpicks. Show them how to arrange them like the cross of Jesus. Apply a dot of glue where the two toothpicks join. Allow them to dry while you tell the kids the story of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.

Open the plastic Easter eggs. Give each child one-half egg to use as a base for the cross. The egg half will remind children of the hill on which the cross stood. Next, children should place a lump of dough on top of the egg. The lump should be thick enough to hold the toothpick cross in place. Position the cross in the center of the dough. Squeeze the dough around the base to secure it in place. This Easter craft will harden and kids will have a neat keepsake to help them remember their Easter story.

Easter crafts don’t have to be complicated to be memorable. These easy, simple ideas are fun for kids of all ages.


  1. Rebecca R. says

    Super cute ideas! I’ve been writing the curriculum for my childcare work at my church and I’ve been pulling so much from ya’ll site. Ya’ll have some great stuff! Thanks a ton from Texas!

  2. Andrea says

    Thank you…your lesson ideas always open the door to my imagination to create and bring the Word to life for my classes…God’s Blessings

  3. Jeanette says

    I am considering making one for each child and putting together a “zip-lock bag” craft kit with the above instructions and supplies for an At Home Family Project. The child can share the lesson story as they enjoy making their craft for themselves or to give away.
    Thank you for so many wonderful ideas.

  4. Grace Anderson says

    These ideas are great and very simple! God bless you .

  5. Lucy says

    Thanks for the great work you do in providing lessons and ideas for children teachings. Our church lacks financial resources, so your craft ideas are always very handy. Keep up the good work in arming the young ones with God’s word….catch them whilst they are still young!! Its a blessing to be in the children ministry.

  6. Angie says

    I just want to say how much it helps to have fun inexpensive crafts for CC..Thanks again.

  7. Jennifer Sabin says

    thanks for sharing those ideas for Easter and Palm Sunday, I am bless to have this website that really help me preparing lesson for session like Easter, Mothers day and so on.
    thanks you, and God will continue to bless your ministry.

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