Free Father’s Day Coloring Pages

New for 2012 ~ We’ve uploaded 5 new coloring pages for Father’s day. Two are designed for churches who want more ethnic diversity in the illustrations and 3 are coloring page cards saying “I love Daddy.”

Here are three original coloring sheets you can print out and use at church or home around Father’s Day.

These were created by Mandy Groce, a visual artist who reside in Kentucky. Based on previous feedback she wanted to give several choices to better fit the diverse families that make up many churches.

You can leave a comment below to express your appreciation or other thoughts on these coloring pages.

Directions: Each of these preview images link to the printer friendly PDF version of that picture. We also have uploaded the full size jpeg images for anyone who wants to modify these pages directly.

  1. The first coloring page shows a father reading a Bible while two children (boy & girl) watch over his shoulder. The text is a prayer that reads, “Thank you Lord, Fathers are a blessing!” You can download this file as a printable PDF file or as a JPEG image (453K file size).
  2. The second coloring sheet has a father hiking with his daughter following along. The text in this picture is a prayer which says, “Dear God, Thanks you for my Daddy!” You can download this file as a printable PDF file or as a JPEG image (534K file size).
  3. The third coloring page pictures only four different children (2 boys & 2 girls). There is not father displayed in this frame but the text says, “God is the best Father anyone can have!” This one will provide an option for children who have no dad in their life and may feel left out at father’s day. You can download this file as a printable PDF file or as a JPEG image (814K file size).

Father’s Day can be a good time to remind children that parents are a blessing from God. Care should be taken not to exclude kids who have lost their dads. Here is a recent article on our website that deals with those painful father’s day issues.

You might also enjoy our Father’s Day crafts and Father’s Day Sunday School lesson.


  1. mary says

    Great thank you for this site! God bless your effort! Greetings from Holland

  2. tigist says

    What will I do with out you? May God bless you more and more for all the resources you provide for me through the years to my children Ministry here in Pretoria small local church called Generation for Christ.

    Thank you

  3. says

    Thanks so much for the great coloring pages. I am so glad you have the one that states God is the best Father of all. I work in children’s church and have some kids whose father is absent. But every child has a heavenly Father. Thank you again. Much appreciated.

  4. Yolanda says

    Thank you so much. I was looking for a coloring page for our children that didn’t have fathers or father’s living with them for our Sunday school class so I will use the one that talks about God being our Father. Thanks!

  5. Helen Smith says

    Thank you very much for sharing your art! One of my little students lost her dad, so I really appreciate having the “God is the best…” picture to color.

  6. Silas Obukosia says

    Thanks for the craft on God is the best Father, we will use it for our Sundays school.

  7. Luisa says

    what a fantastic effort you put on these colouring sheets. I love the ideas and hope the kids would love the colourings as well. well done! May God bless you all for such a wonderful job you do for the good of His children.

  8. Kham Ma says

    Thanks for the coloring pages. The children at our church will be blessed by them today! They are beautiful!

  9. says

    Thank you so much for all the help you give us all in training up the children in God’s Word!!

  10. Sandra Shumate says

    Thanks for all the wonderful literature I receive each week. It is a joy each week to a have my children in class to have coloring sheets and great lessons from your site. I can go to a one stop place and get all my information. Thanks so much ! It has been a learning experience each week for myself that helps to improve my knowledge working with these children .

  11. Sandra says

    Thank you so very much for the Father’s Day Coloring sheets. They are so helpful. May God bless you as you continue to bless the children and their Sunday School Teachers.

  12. Lenore Casswell says

    You are very talented, thank you for sharing your gift with my Sunday school class : )
    May God richly bless you,

  13. says

    Thanks for the including the page about God being the best father. So many of our kids don’t have dads at home; it gets harder and harder to do Father’s Day each year in kids’ ministry. But we remain committed to reaching broken families, not just perfect ones!

  14. Meghan H says

    Thank you for these pages. We have some children in our church whose fathers are not so great and some who are fantastic. I appreciate being able to give the kids a choice of pictures to color.

  15. angie says

    just wanted to say a big thankyou for including material for those with absent fathers, it is hard to know how to celebrate Fathers Day for some kids, reminding them that they have a heavenly father who will always be there is so important….many thanks God Bless

  16. Mary Grace B. Sombrero says

    Hi! Thank you very much for sharing these materials. This is very helpful in the ministry of God. Please continue to be a blessing to all the ministers of God out there. The Lord bless you and extend your borders!

  17. says

    Your website has been a tremendous blessing to my church’s Children’s Ministry. All of my seven volunteers search for lesson plans, art and craft and other activities. We thank God for you and the work you are doing for His honour and glory.

  18. Lourdes Madera says

    Many thanks Mandy for your wonderful works…they help us a lot…More artistic works and ideas from our loving Father and God.

  19. shobie says

    just want 2 say thank u 4 sharing ur nice coloring picture.

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