Free Sunday School Materials

Are you looking for materials for your children’s Sunday School? Then you’ll love all the free stuff we have posting and linked on our website. Here is a collection of our most popular resources to get you started.

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Teaching Materials for Sunday School

One of the most popular sections of this website is our free Sunday School lessons for children. On this page you’ll find hundreds of free lesson plans perfect for teaching in your church. A similar resource is our Bible lessons for kids. These are usually a little shorter and work well in kids church. Of course, you can use them in any ministry context. If you’re teaching younger children be sure to browse our preschool materials.

Learning Activities for Sunday School

Most teachers like to have activities to go along with their lessons. So, we’re building a free resource bank of Sunday School activities. This includes crafts, games, and coloring pages. One super popular resource is object lessons. Don’t miss our suggestions for Bible trivia questions.

Printable Guides for Teachers

Teaching a great lesson takes more than printable materials. You need to develop the skills and attitudes to share God’s Word with children. Over time we’ve written several guides to make teaching Sunday School easier. These include tips for Bible storytelling, help for motivating kids, and strategies to get kids excited about the Bible.

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    thank you for this wonderful website, I am really looking to have some materials for our Sunday School kids. Our church is just newly built and we cannot afford to buy for now any materials needed for our Sunday School. We are just a small church with more or less 50 members, we are located in a very small island called Saipan or Northern Marianas Island, financially we are incapable to purchase anything but we are not losing any hope because our God is a very rich God and WE are His children, so we are also rich. God bless you and hope that I can continue use your website..thank you

  2. says

    @ester: moderation is just our way of keeping spam comments off the website. When you add a new comment for the first time, I review it to makes sure it’s real and relevant to the post.

  3. ester d. nasayao says

    thank you for all the bright ideas we could use in our churches. i wish i could make time to teach in the Sunday school and put to good use all these…
    God be praised for you at the ministry-to-children.

    just what does moderation mean?

  4. sandra says

    good afternoon thank you for all the great ideas that you put together for anyone to see I thank you for the lessons and many more things
    blessings to all form Guatemala…


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