How to Host an Easter Auction

Easter Basket AuctionRecently, I was looking for fundraising inspiration – we needed some new equipment and the church’s budget was tight. I wanted an idea that would excite the supporters of my ministry but that donors would like too. After attending my son’s school’s spring fling, I found holiday inspiration. Today, our kids’ church Easter auction is the talk of the church, in a good way!

Here’s how to host an Easter auction successfully.

Ask for volunteers to donate Easter goodies. My closest friend loves making wreaths. She makes a few Easter egg wreaths and other craft goodies she comes up with. (She’s so creative!) I place a few large wicker baskets in my kids’ church to collect Easter toys, jewelry, coloring books and even Bibles. I start collecting a month in advance.

  1. Create flyers to advertise the Easter auction. I give clues about cool baskets and make sure people know why we hosting the Easter auction.
  2. Post updates on your social networking pages. I show pictures of the baskets. I reserve the largest basket for the silent auction. That way, people everywhere can bid on the basket.
  3. Set the baskets out on a decorated table. Place a descriptive sheet in front of each basket. This allows everyone to get a clue about the goodies inside.

Tips for a Good Auction

  • My kids create numbered paddles with posterboard and paint stirrers. Anyone participating in the auction must use the number paddles when they bid.
  • I have a good auctioneer! He sets the tone and keeps the auction moving. We don’t start too low. Starting low makes it hard to get the auction bids up.
  • We end the auction by collecting what we earned and by thanking everyone for their donations and purchases. I like giving away a few door prizes too!

Easter Auction Basket Ideas

You don’t have to auction baskets but I find they are easy to assemble and seem to excite the bidders. These popular baskets make a big impact every year.

The Easter Eye Opener: A bag of whole bean coffee, two Easter mugs, and a devotional book.

The Easter Artist: Easter egg dyes, dye cups, stickers, egg trays, paint brushes and a smock. Great for kids!

These are just a couple of ideas that I use but the options are endless. A fun auction is a great fundraiser! Host an Easter auction and raise funds for your children’s ministry.

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