How To Write A Children’s Church Lesson From Scratch

You’ve been asked to teach children’s church this Sunday – without curriculum. Here is the 9 step process I use every week to write lessons for children’s church. If this article is helpful please leave a comment to let me know. This article is a work in progress and I would love to hear your ideas.

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#1 Pray: Begin by asking for God’s help. Omitting prayer will lead to an attitude of pride and leave your lesson spiritually weak. So stop reading now and pray for God’s help … really.

#2 Read: Start as early as possible to read the Bible passage you will be teaching. I like to read through the passage several before crafting my lesson. This step is foundational. You can’t teach what you don’t understand. Make notes of difficult words or ideas. Write down anything that God uses to deepen your love for Him.

#3 Focus: Ask yourself, “What is this passage saying about God?” You must discover what God is saying about himself in the passage. Children don’t need Bible facts. They need to know God. Everything about your children’s church lesson must be focused on God.

#4 Apply: Discover the connection of the passage to daily life. After answering the BIG GOD QUESTION you are ready for application. If the passage teaches that God is strong to save his people, how does this apply to the children? Resist the temptation to bend the passage around your application. Be crystal clear. Use real life examples.

#5 Draft: Write an initial draft of your lesson. This is an essential step for me to know where I am going with the lesson. I need a concrete plan. I rarely use my notes when I teach but having them give me the freedom to teach.

#6 Check: Compare your lesson to a doctrinally solid children’s story Bible. I only use these sources after I’ve written my children’s church lesson. I usually find ideas illustrations and object lessons from these sources.

#7 Supplement: Find relevant supporting material for your lesson. There are many free sources for coloring sheets, children’s ministry activities or Sunday school games available. I’m a member of Kidology – for $44 per year they may be the only supplemental resource your need. You can also find some ideas from my post on children’s Sunday school lessons.

#8 Feedback: Seek input from others. Once your lesson is complete, ask your pastor or fellow children’s ministry volunteers to review it. They might have a great idea to contribute.

#9 Evaluate: Review your lesson after you’ve taught it. In my ministry I’ve often learned best from trial and error. This step will take some discipline, but constantly examining your children’s church lessons will make you a better teaching. Be sure to thank God for what works and ask for wisdom to learn from your mistakes.

I want to hear from you. If this article has been helpful or not so helpful, leave me a comment to let me know what you think.


  1. Amy says

    Thank you for the tips you gave about planning self lessons. I found them very informative and humbling. God bless!

  2. JordanTaylor says

    Just want to say THANK YOU so much for this!! it helped me so much.. I have recently taken over the childrens dpt of my church and I have struggled to put together and organized lesson.. this made a huge impact thxxx sooo much!!!!

  3. Karen says

    Am in the process of writing curriculum for a Christian organization dealing with Children’s clubs in Zambia and reading this was truly helpful for my God given task. Thank you.

  4. sugarna victoria says

    Hi Tony,

    Thank God for you and all those who have contributed.
    This steps on how to write Lesson is very useful.

  5. Brenda Ford says

    Thank you for your time to put all this together, the whole site! I have recently read “God is in the nursery” article, and others on encouraging the volunteers and have looked at a lot of the preschool lessons and they are wonderful. I am just getting ready to take over the nursery/preschool area in our small church and am very grateful for a place to start! Thank you!

  6. says

    Hi Tony,
    I have written Kid’s church curriculum for the last 12 months for our church. I did this many years ago in a church we were pastoring. It has been very rewarding and I have appreciated your input in the above article. I would like to be able to chat with you about a few ideas I have been meditating on in the area of, ‘what are we missing? – The history of the church, the Bible and the Missionary & salvation testimonies, famous Christians of the past and what they did!’ and ‘How can we teach kid’s the stuff that lasts a lifetime’ ? My mob/ph number is 0402449966. Thank you and God bless. Jean

  7. Jane Kamau says

    Learn so much thank you so much for helping us and God bless you

  8. Jacob Affainie says

    Oh! Uncle Tony, May God richly bless you for this wonderful Ministry that He has given you. I must say with all sincerity that this your Children’s Ministry has been very supportive to my Church Sunday School in Ghana, West Africa. And I hope to spread this good source of teaching children Sunday School to other sister Baptist Churches in my community and the entire country. God bless you. Jake.

  9. rachel says

    seriously, I was looking for step to write the actual lesson. my aim was to find a guide as how intro, body , conclusion and before I even started google it I received on my spirit that I should pray for GOD guidance rather but I said to my self come on I need something to start from. the funny thing is that I couldn’t find anything better cause I wasn’t looking for curriculum or something similar, anyway GOD richly bless you cause your post is just the confirmation from GOD on what I have already received. blessed be your ministry.

  10. brenda says

    As an elementary school teacher these are the steps I would follow for any lesson but this makes it clear for the non-teacher. I’m glad you put in the supplement part because that’s the part that brings life to the lesson. There are so many ideas out there. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel!

  11. Audrey says

    Hi Pastor, I always head straight for your junior church lessons when it is my turn. The children always enjoy them. This was very helpful to me. Thank you.

  12. funmi moa says

    hi pastor, your 9 steps are really helpful especially step 4; application to daily life. thank you.

  13. Javier Martinez says

    I thank you, I now have so many Idea’s to start our children ministry

  14. Agnes says

    I already use ideas from your news letter for Sunday School Class.
    This lesson on tips for preparing lessons is great.Thanks and may God bless you so that thro’ you the children’s ministry may spread far and wide.Hope you can visit us if you come to Chennai , India

  15. Praim Sendiong says

    Thanks for your article its very helpful….God Bless….

  16. Gloria says

    Its a vary nice post, I have learnt a lot,I’m going to use it every time I am preparing a lesson. Thank You Very Much.

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