Christine Yount Jones: Kids Ministry Champion of the Week

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This week I want to honor Christian Yount Jones for being a advocate and encourager of children’s ministry. She is best known for her role as editor of Children’s Ministry Magazine. You can also find her blogging and tweeting.

Chris is one of those people that are always ahead of the curve. Her editorials in CM Magazine have alerted me to trends and challenges that will affect my ministry going forward. I can tell she is someone passionate about kids ministry and helping others be more effective.  On her blog and twitter she shows a more personal side, complete with puppy dog stories and frustrations about a messy office.

I had a chance to meet Chris last week when I visited Group Publishing. We hung out and shared stories about life and ministry. She was very interested in hearing about my real world ministry and theories about family ministry. After the meeting, I now have an even greater respect for her and her work. It was great to find someone so humble, cool, and honest behind this big time magazine.

So check out her latest blog links in our sidebar this week. You can also leave a comment below if you want to say thanks to Chris. If you’re on Facebook, check out the CM Magazine page.

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