Printable Sermon Note Taking Sheet for Kids

Sermon Note taking printable for kids
Printable Sermon Note Taking Sheets for Kids

It’s no secret that kids often struggle to pay attention during the sermon in big church. Sometimes the problem is comprehension, other times it’s just listening skills. This post features a downloadable resource to help the children in your church. It was sent to us from Rich Shipe, who first posted it on his church website.

Directions: To download this free resource, simply click the preview image to the right for a print-friendly PDF file.

Here is how Rick described this resource when he first emailed us:

I created it more than a year ago and have been using it with my own children since that time. When my three kids started using it they were 9, 8, and 7. I’ve been amazed at what they are able to pick up and glean from the sermons when they’ve been taught/guided on how to listen and take notes. I wasn’t a great note taker until later in high school so I was fairly pessimistic about their ability at that age to listen to a sermon geared toward adults and write good notes. But I’ve been blown away with how they’ve progressed. It isn’t unusual for them to fill this form and flip it over and start working notes down the back!

Again, in Rick’s words here is there routine:

  1. We got them each three ring binders that they’ve decorated and personalized that they bring to church with the recent old notes and a blank page for the new sermon.
  2. They take their notes as best they can. We might whisper little tips to them along the way or show them things we’ve written down.
  3. Then for dinner on Monday we all get out our notes and we do the review. At that time we help them fill in any details they missed and talk about how the sermon would apply to their life.
  4. You’ll see in the form that we give them a basic guide that seems to help them structure their notes. Also there is a place for them to write out words they don’t know. If you have any ideas on improving it I’d love to hear them!

Some benefits they’ve seen seen:

  • Almost immediately they all became better and more active listeners because they want to have something to say and contribute on Monday night.
  • Learning at a young age the important skill of note taking.
  • Easy opportunity for family application of the sermon and the Bible text.
  • Expanding vocabulary.

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  1. Karen Judd says

    We’ve been doing this for years at our church. We do it for all the children in the church who are 4th to 6th grade to help them transition into church from children’s church. They are provided with a clipboard that has a storage space in it to put their notes and pen in. We have them sit with a mentor during the service and my husband will even address them from the pulpit. They are called The Scribes. The last Sunday of the month they come to our house after church and we feed them dinner. My husband then goes over the notes with them. After that they make their own sundaes then we take them home.

  2. susan says

    This is simply fantastic. Thank you. quick question for website in general. Where has your search function gone. I’m having a hard time tracking down specific topics. Thank you!!

  3. KPW says

    Thank you for this outline for kids to use for note-taking in church. I will use these with my grandchildren

  4. Sarah says

    THANK YOU!!!! love the ideas can’t wait to put this into practice!!!

  5. says

    Thank you for this excellent resource. We choose to worship together as a family rather than sending the kids to children’s church. We have taught them to use the sermon notes section of the bulletin, but I really like this layout. I especially appreciate the “Words I Don’t Know” section. I will be making binder covers this week just to keep their sermon notes. I will make one for myself as well!

  6. Karen Kiiskinen says

    Thank you for your post. I have found it very helpful in giving my kids a great start at learning how to take sermon notes. Or just know how to guide them as a parent in knowing how to direct them. I’m so thankful for the print out also printed out John Pippers article.

  7. steffy butts says

    thanks so much for the outline for the kids to take notes during the sermon, i think this is the perfect tool to get them started at being good listeners.

  8. michelle Blackellar says

    This sheet is a god send. I was talking to some teens today about the importance of writing the sermos’ points down to help them: 1. Sit in church, 2. process what is beiing said and 3. not fall asleep!. Thanks so much! –Barbican Baptist, Kingston Jamaica

  9. Becca Toney says

    That is so cool!!! I never thought of that before!!!! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Trey Wooton says


    I don’t serve in West TN…I am currently serving in Maryland (north of Baltimore). If I can help in any way though, please contact me at

    Thanks for the source info too!

  11. TN Lizzie says

    My 8yo and 11yo love this sheet of paper. It helps them focus, and teaches them to listen and summarize. They use initials for looong place and people names! (So do I, sometimes! LOL) They use the back of the page for the prior week for their illustrations…

    Mr. Wooten, I love your perspective! You don’t happen to serve in West TN do you? -hopeful grin-
    I found a source for information to share with your Pastor:

  12. dorothy says

    I’ll be using it on a trial basis this Sunday. Thanks for sharing. Praise God for your website! Halleluyah!

  13. Trey Wooton says

    I love the idea! Though I am a children’s pastor, I do not necessarily agree with the idea of children’s church. Whose responsibility is it to teach their children? When in the Bible were children sent away from the adults by Jesus? This is a great resource to provide parents. The picture idea is great especially for your younger group.

    I have had my pastor mention recently that he would like to see us do a children’s church. Are there any resources available that support the idea that children staying in church is better?

  14. Linda says

    Thank you for sharing your Kids’ Notetaking Page for Big Church.
    Many years ago, my Dad was a pastor and, sometimes, he would have someone in the congregation read, at least, some of the Scriptures. There was a young boy that was, maybe, somewhere between 9 and 13 years old that did some of the reading. It may have really helped him to pay attention and learn more than he would have, otherwise. Getting their attention on the service, instead of their thoughts wandering somewhere else, is certainly a beginning and it can help us older ones, too. And, it is so good to go back over the WORD with your children, as you know, not all parents do that! May the Lord bless you and yours in every way He wishes to bestow His blessings upon you!! :D
    Yours for Christ, Linda

  15. says

    This is great! I’ve actually been working on something similar with the help of a few teachers. One big thing I would add is space for the kids to draw what they hear from the sermon. Since we’re living in such a visual culture, sometimes hearing the word and making it come alive with a picture will help them remember!

  16. Brenda Geiger says

    Thanks for this resource. I’d like to see a spot where the kids can write down some songs that were sung and a spot for prayer requests. I don’t know if that is possible, but I can make my own from your ideas. Thanks again!

  17. says

    Thank you for making this available. We have recently discontinued our elementary children’s worship that was held during the sermon due to lack of volunteers. We have always gone back and forth about the necessity of the ECW and the idea that we’d like to get kids engaged in the sermon. I was going to speak with our preacher about making a short fill in the blank handout each week for the kids. I like this better. Less work for the preacher and allows the kids to be more interactive in what they choose to write. I plan to start using it this week! Thanks!

  18. says

    Yes!!! This is a great way to get youngsters thinking and engaged during a sermon. Rick’s description of the development of this skill in his children and the discussion afterwards are testament to the value of it. Many adults would love this printable sheet!!

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