“Love Your Neighbor” Coloring Page Activity (Matthew 22:39)

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I created this simple coloring worksheet for kids in our church to help them memorize Matthew 22:39. I used the Agent Orange font and then drew a simple box. The kids were instructed to illustrate anything in that box that reminded them to love other people. We used this in children’s church with ages 5 – 10 yeas old.

Directions: You can download the print friendly version by clicking on the preview image to the right. I’ve also uploaded the jpeg for advanced editing.

This was part of a larger series in our kids church about Jesus’ teaching on the greatest commandments. Be sure to browse all of our printable coloring pages for kids.

Completed Examples

love others coloring page


  1. gale says

    We have enjoyed this “free” use of training up children. Our fellowship is very small and our budget is also. These lessons have been a blessing to us
    Gale Opelika Al

  2. Teresa Komen says

    I am working with Children Ministry and these materials has been of great to me.
    I want to thank God for your website and that God may always uplift you and Bless the work of you are doing.
    Thanks and god Bless.

  3. Jisoo Choi says

    Thank your for sharing this wonderful website publicly. I am a Sunday school teacher but I am still in high school and this site has helped me prepare quickly and simple for my students. Thank You.

  4. Dawn Baker says

    Thanks so much for this website! I work in a church plant that has very little money for our children’s program. I also have a very demanding full time job that leaves me little time to prepare for each Sunday and this website has been such a blessing in helping me get each lesson ready and make it enjoyable for our kids who range from 1 year old to the 5th grade!!

    God Bless your Ministry


  5. Susan says

    THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH normally I work with youth but tonight I was needed to combine grades 1-12 I was able to beef it up enough for my youth but keep it simple enough for my 1st-6th…this lesson was a true blessing…it was a GODincidence I found your page….I was about to get frustrated stopped prayed and clicked the next link and it was yours

  6. Karen says

    Your website helps me a lot with my sunday school teaching in our church. Indeed you are a blessing! God bless you more!

  7. barbara says

    Thank God and Thank God for giving you the wisdom and guidance to develop a beautiful website for Sunday School teachers and teachers of children in the church. Keep on Keeping on!!!!

  8. Helen Turner says

    I just want to give praise to God for this web-site. The lessons and crafts that you all put on here are awesome ideas. I teach children’s church on Sunday’s and the activities that are posted here are a big help to me. Thank you for all that you do! May the Lord continue to bless this ministry :-).

  9. Yvonne Lee says

    I was hoping to find something for Valentine’s Day on your site, but all your pictures have words. We are missionaries to Mexico, so the English words makes the material unusable for us. Would it be possible to make alternate copies without words so that I might write in words? Unless you have someone who speaks Spanish. Well, I know it’s a long shot, but sometimes we have not because we ask not. :)

  10. Irene says

    I love this website i am just starting out teacher Sunday School for the little ones and this really helps me keep up the good work and Thanks so much

  11. Crystal Alexander says

    I am a kids club teacher in church plus a pre school teacher i love this site I find it to be very useful and helpful. Continue to do the good job that you are doing in helping us teachers educate our young kids about Jesus Christ may God bless you and give you more ideas………

  12. Heather says

    Everytime I have to teach Sunday School i turn to your website!
    Thank you so much for the very helpful resources.
    They are invaluable. Great ideas, simple interactive lessons.
    God Bless the work you do for Him

  13. Nisha says

    I am a sunday school teacher…
    I find your website toooooooooooooo good …
    I just cant tell you how useful it is for us to see examples of how other sunday schools are being taken.we take the help from your side and teach our children also many new new things.
    Thanks a lot for all these materials provided.

    God Bless your Ministry …I bless you all involved whole heartedly

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