"Love Your Neighbor" Coloring Page Activity (Matthew 22:39)

"Love Your Neighbor" Coloring Page Activity (Matthew 22:39)
"Love Your Neighbor" Coloring Page Activity (Matthew 22:39)
I created this simple coloring worksheet for kids in our church to help them memorize Matthew 22:39. I used the Agent Orange font and then drew a simple box. The kids were instructed to illustrate anything in that box that reminded them to love other people. We used this in children’s church with ages 5 – 10 yeas old.
The best part is when you make time for kids to explain what they created in the box and how that shows God’s love to others.
Directions: You can download the print friendly version by clicking on the preview image to the right. I’ve also uploaded the jpeg for advanced editing.
I recommenced doing an example page on your own and explaining that to the kids before they begin. Some examples of what you could illustrate:

  • I help wash dishes to show love to my family.
  • I shared my lunch with someone who didn’t bring enough food.
  • I gave money to the mission fund.
  • I told my friend about Jesus and invited them to VBS.
  • I spend time when my grandma when she is feeling lonely.

This is a nice activities with any Love your neighbor Sunday School lesson.
This was part of a larger series in our kids church about Jesus’ teaching on the greatest commandments. Be sure to browse all of our printable coloring pages for kids.

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