Free Palm Sunday Coloring Pages

Jesus on Palm Sunday Coloring Page
Click above to download this coloring page

This free coloring sheet shows Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey for Palm Sunday. The crowd is shouting Hosanna! and waving Palm branches.

Directions: Simply click on the preview to the right for the printable PDF version of this Palm Sunday coloring page. You can also download this picture as a higher resolution jpeg image.

The simple style of this coloring page would make it useful as a preschool or toddler craft project. Any age of children’s Sunday School could make use of this on Palm Sunday. Here is the link for other Easter coloring pictures that are free on our website.

If you enjoy this artwork, you can leave a comment below for Carlos. He is one of our writers from the Philippines who created this clip-art style illustration.

Free Messiah Coloring Sheet You might also enjoy Mandy’s coloring sheet for the letter M is for Messiah. Her illustration incorporates Palm branches and could be used to talk about the promised “anointed one” who would come and rescue God’s people.


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