Crossing the Jordan River Coloring Page

This free coloring page shows the priests carrying the Ark across the Jordan River on dry land. We have uploaded two options for this sheet, one with the verse and one without. You can also choose your file preference. Use

Call His Name Jesus (Manger Coloring Page)

This simple coloring page shows the name Jesus, spelled out, sitting atop a manger. The Bible verse is from Matthew 1:21b, “And you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.” This sheet would

Eve and the Serpent Coloring Page

Use this free coloring page when teaching about Eve and the Serpent. This cartoon style image shows Eve reaching up to take the fruit from the forbidden tree. The Serpent hangs down whispering temptations to her. It is important for children to

Jonah Runs from God Coloring Page

Directions: Click the image above to download a printable version of this Jonah coloring page. We’ve also uploaded a high resolution jpeg image for advanced editing. You can also browse all our free Jonah lessons and resources. This cartoon clip-art style pictures

Ruth Gleaning in the Field Coloring Page

Directions: Select the preview picture above to download this story of Ruth coloring page as a printable PDF file. The higher resolution jpeg is also available for advanced editing. This coloring page about Ruth shows the young woman gleaning grain

Daniel Praying Coloring Page

This coloring page shows the prophet Daniel as a young boy praying beside his window. The drawing is cartoon clip art style and perfect for children to color. This sheet could be used along with a Daniel Sunday School lesson

Abraham and Isaac Coloring Page

This coloring page illustrates the attempted sacrifice of Isaac by his father Abraham. This is perhaps one of the clearest signs in the Old Testament of what God would do through Jesus to forgive our sins. The simple coloring page shows the

Abraham and God’s Promise Coloring Page

Younger children will enjoy this Abraham coloring page. It shows him looking up to see the stars as mentioned in God’s promise. This would be a helpful activity for any kids Bible lesson about God’s promise to Abram. It’s based