A Prayer for the Suffering Children


Ever-watching Father:
we pray for the suffering children whom we do not see.

We know that your eyes see their tears,
that your heart knows their sorrow,
that your hands can reach them now.

We remember that Jesus was once a child,
that poverty stole his bread,
that tyrants sought his life,
that his mother tasted tears.

We ask you to send friends for the lonely,
food for the hungry,
medicine for the sick,
saviors for the enslaved,
rescue for the perishing.

Give us the wisdom to do our part,
share our possessions,
leave our comforts,
lend them our voice,
send them our food,
love them with more than prayers.

We call on you in the name of your child Jesus.

You are encouraged to print out and share this prayer for suffering children.


  1. Kelly Katayama says

    What a beautiful prayer! I will be sharing this with my sweet 2nd- 5th grade class this evening. I am praying it will touch their hearts to remember children who are in pain. Thank you!

  2. JONATHAN T. GRAY says

    As Jesus opend the circle of concern, when he welcomes children and made a place for them, when the Disciples wanted to shut them out (Mark 10:13), It’s my prayer that He will do likewise to the suffering Children of Japan and also the Children of Libya, Egypt, Ivory Coast, and other countries that are experiencing crisis. May He deliever them and use this situation to make them to know Him and the power of His ressurection.

  3. Emmy Ondisa says

    The Lord is Faithful.May He remember Japan and cause His joy to fill every ones heart. It is His report we will trust

  4. uzoechi chibugo says

    may our lord Jesus Christ bring peace, harmony,love, care and most of all happiness to children suffering all over the world more especially in japan.


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