Preschool Bible Lessons about the Days of Creation

This series of Creation Preschool Bible lessons will introduce younger children to God’s Work as maker of all. Each lesson is printable and includes extra ideas. This is a six part series of lesson plans to teach preschool aged children about God making the world. I’ve also linked to our craft and song ideas for these lessons.

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Supporting Materials


  1. Ashley says

    We are loving this site– such a blessing to our church plant in Florida. Can you recommend a good dvd (Veggie Tales like?) on the days of creation for toddlers?

  2. april says

    This website is truly awesome! I was able to use this so many times in our Children’s Sunday School and to teach my own children as well.. May God bless you more..

  3. says

    this site is great!! we are looking for a new curriculum for our toddlers, and have found this in the mean time! (or maybe found this for good!!) thanks for all of your hard work you put into it. it’s truly a blessing!!

  4. Esterly says

    I have just recently started a preschool level class in our church. I started with this lesson because what’s better then to start at the beginninng. I love the lesson goals and book the book for each lesson. I have had to come up with my own projects due to expense and not wanting to use paint but love it. would love to send you the pics of the projects I have done to give people more ideas of games and crafts to reinforce the lesson.

  5. Anjeanette says

    Thanks for this site… It’s a big help for every children I teach..thanks a lot!! God bless!

  6. Jackie says

    I am so appreciative of the effort that is being made to maintain and make the material relevant to what is happening in the culture our children are growing up in. My husband and I just began a ministry in house planting, and this site is very helpful for gathering meaningful lessons for the children’s classes.

  7. says

    It’s very useful website.I would like to buy DVD christian song for preschool .I watched some video song from Cullen’s youtube”My God is big”,Jesus loves me”. If I buy a DVD,does it attach a lyric for each song?
    I hope to hear from you soon.

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