VBS Crafts: Vacation Bible School Crafts

Craft ideas for Vacation Bible School

VBS Craft Ideas

  • Hand Painting Tree mural VBS craft – this kids craft idea would be great for many Vacation Bible School themes, just change the tree to match your Western or Jungle decorations.
  • VBS  T-Shirt painting – here is a video example with preschoolers
  • Oozy Slime Craft – originally from PowerLab VBS but this could be fun for several themes. Just call it “space sludge” or “jungle slime.”

Theme Specific Craft & Decorating Suggestions

Are Vacation Bible School Crafts Are Important?

[ad#ad-1]I’ve heard some children’s ministers question the value of Vacation Bible School crafts. At times I’ve been tempted to do the same. Ultimately, crafts can add a lot to your teaching. If you select the right crafts, they can reinforce the teaching and provide a great way for kids to remember the bible school lessons. Not to mention, most kids love to make them.

VBS Crafts Can Teach

The primary concern in choosing a Vacation Bible School craft is teaching value. The project doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive if it makes a real connection to the life truth you are teaching. This can be as simple as writing a key Bible verse on the craft or the whole craft can become a permanent object lesson. The point is using Vacation Bible School crafts as a teaching tool. Most Vacation Bible School curricula publishers do a great job at this.

Budgeting For Vacation Bible School Crafts

This  is one area that can easily break your Bible school budget. This can be avoided with careful planning. Many publishers now offer packaged craft kits that go with their VBS themes. Be careful, these typically cost more than finding the materials yourself. At the same time, it can be worth the expense to save time and simplify the planning process.

I’ve heard different figures for Vacation Bible School craft budgeting. Our volunteer craft leaders are very frugal and can put together world class craft projects for the whole week for about $3 per child. This includes making a T-shirt and a woodworking project. Our situation is special, but I would recommend keeping the weekly craft cost under $5 per child or $1 per child each day.

Free Vacation Bible School Crafts

If your are looking for free Vacation Bible School crafts, the internet has much to offer. Most Sunday school crafts can be easily used in a bible school setting. Even if you have a great curriculum, you may want to look for other activities that would add variety to your program.

Many churches have found our coloring sheets an easy option for at least one day of their VBS program.

Finding Leadership For Vacation Bible School Crafts

The right volunteers can make all the difference in how children experience your Vacation Bible School crafts. Look for people who are patient, organized and flexible. Our church is blessed with a retired couple who have served as the craft organizers for several years. They plan each days craft, gather all the materials, and even recruit their craft crew. This takes a lot of stress off me as Vacation Bible School director. It also makes our crafts much better than if I was in charge. If I didn’t have this position filled, I would make it a priority.

Safety & VBS Crafts

As with any children’s ministry program, safety should be a concern for Vacation Bible School crafts. This may mean avoiding some really cool projects, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Some safety concern would be toxic glues, glass bottles, or hammers. Almost any situation can become dangerous without enough adult supervision. We have been accident free for several years thanks to our excellent volunteers – that includes all the woodworking projects! Don’t take safety for granted.


  1. Sandy Rougeou says

    Our theme this year has a Circus theme. Any suggestions for crafts and decorations.

  2. Ravi Lanka says

    My heart felt vote of thanks to Rev.Janis Erickson for forwarding the request for Sunday School materials. God Bless you and all your family and Much Blessings to VBS Crafts. Amen!

  3. Sandra says

    Games – have small children race stick horses around barrels – it is fun to do and hilarious to watch. Get them cowboy hats from dollar tree or Oriental Trading to wear and encourage them to wear bandanas – incorporate waving their hats into a song.If you know a cowboy have him/her come do a rope/lasso demonstration.
    Snacks – set up a chuck wagon (grill) and cook hotdogs. Build a bonfire in a firepit and roast marshmallows – just watch that the little ones don’t get too close or eat their marshmallows when too hot. PHave bowls of raisins, peanuts (if no allergies), candies, mini marshmallows, etc. and let them mix their own trail mix and put in a snack-sized ziplock bag to take “on the trail” (outside) to eat. Serve watermelon and have a seed-spitting contest – kids will LOVE this.
    On the last night have the chickwagon serve hamburgers and let adults bring their best baked beans or chili to share.
    Crafts – One of my daughter’s favoriet VBS crafts of all time was a horse head made out of dried beans. Someone drew a horse head and neck on wood and the teens sanded, stained and then covered the horse head/neck in various colored beans to create a one-of-a-kind horse. She kept this craft for many years – until the beans fell off. Finish with a leather or foam strip to form the bridle and top the whole thing off with a coat of spray shellac.
    Younger kids can make a fringed vest out of brown paper bags and color as they like. You could even make chaps out of brown bags if you wish.
    Theme – it is tough out on the range – everybody has to stick together and work as a team to get the job done – just like we all need to stick together and work as a team as Jesus’ disciples.

  4. Sandra says

    Decorations – You could string fishing nets with shells in them for deoration. We actually had someone bring in an old wooden jon boat for kids to sit in to get their photos made. Inflatable fish (available for pools) make inexpensive table or hanging decorations.
    Crafts – make fishing hats but instead of fishing flies add paper “flies” with words or Bible verses about “catching” people for God. Bucket hats are cheap from places like Oriental trading or even Dollar Tree.
    Older kids could decorate prayer journals – notebooks from dollar store with small shells, sand, wooden or foam boats, etc. and record their prayers or thoughts each day – maybe include the memory verse for the day.
    Games – little kids could fish for people. Get a kiddie pool without water and fill it with people cutouts with magnetic strip attached. Put a decent magnet on a fishing pole and voila’ – let them fish for people. They could even write names of people they know on the people “fish” to help them make the connection with inviting people to Christ and fishing for people.
    Older kids – get a kiddie pool and put water in it. give kids small plastic buckets to bail out the water and talk about how sometimes people get in sin over their heads and need some help getting out – relate this to loving people as a way to fish for their souls.
    If you are really adventurous, set up an aquariom or fish bowl for the week and let kids care for the fish. Talk about how people need nurture and spiritual food (not too little and not too much at one time) to grow in Christ.
    Snacks – goldfish crackers, sandwiches made on the goldfish bread that is available, gummi fish in pudding or jello, even dirt cake with gummi worms to relate to the sweet “bait” that is the Gospel. On the last day serve make-it-yourself banana splits in a plastic “boat” with several flavors/colors of ice cream to demonstrate how people are different and how Christ loves all people.

  5. Teresa says

    Hello & May God Bless. We are our Bible school in Westren them any ideal for crafts, snack etc. We are just a small country church who loves the Lord and wants to help get children to see there need for him. Our classes will run ages 0-adults. Thank you!!!!

  6. Penne' Cabell says

    My name is Penne’ and I have chosen the Big Apple Adventure for our VBS this year and i’m having problems with the crafts. The classes are pre-school, youth and teens. I chose the adventure because it had material for all 3 classes. Can you please give me idea’s for the crafts for 4/5 days. This adventure got me so excited and crafts are never a problem but this year i wanted it to be the best VBS so more kids will come and enjoy it. Please help the stuggling crafter:) Thank you

  7. Kim says

    our church is doing A VBS, Fishers of men. I have looked several places to find material for this, no luck . If anyone has any sugggestions on, Crafts,Snacks, Decorations. please let me know.
    Thanks Kim

  8. kristy says

    This moring I was telling my pastor-husband how I miss the monthly Children’s Pastor’s meetings since we have moved to CO. I miss sharing ideas, fellowship, lunch, special speakers and topics. This ministry site has already blessed me when I found it this afternoon. It helps fill that empty spot. Thank-you. I know it takes a lot of time and effort. It is appreciated. Kristy

  9. Janis says

    God’s richest blessings to you in the wonderful and precious name of Jesus Christ.

    My name is Rev. Janis Erickson. Our ministry, Spirit and Truth Fellowship is sponsoring an orphanage in India. They have asked for some materials for Vacation Bible School. There are about 43 children. They need coloring books or whatever could be sent to them.

    It would be a huge blessing if you could send them what ever you can. Their address is:

    Ravi Lanka
    Mercy Home Rehab Center
    DR. NO. 1-8-78/1, near Bapuji School
    Mandapeta Post
    E.G. DT. 533 308

    Thank you in advance, if you can help with this.

    Blessings and Love,
    Rev. Janis Erickson

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