Scripts for Visitor Follow Up Phone Calls

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VBS follow up phone scripts
Now that you’ve tucked away the crayons and craft components, it’s time to think about the follow up call. Simply hoping your visitors will come back won’t do. Collect those registration cards and call your visitors, but be prepared. It helps to have a script to use, so you’ll remember to touch on all the important points. I like calling between 6 pm and 8 pm in the evening during the week. On the weekends, I find that calling after 11 am but before 2 pm works best for reaching grown ups.
Gather your cards, a pen or two for taking notes and a mirror. (The mirror helps you to remember to smile! Smiles can be seen over the phone.)
Here’s what I say, “Hi there, this is Pastor Monica with New Beginnings Church, may I speak to Mrs. Jones?”
“Hi Mrs. Jones, I hope I didn’t catch you at a bad time. I wanted to thank you for attending (or allowing your child to attend) our event. Didn’t we have a good time? (Or if the child attended, “I know Susie had a good time!”
“Mrs. Jones, this Sunday, we’re having another special event in our kids’ church (or seniors ministry etc.) We’ll have ice cream, a short lesson and a prize giveaway. (Or whatever the event is.) I want to personally invite you to this event. Will you come?”
Your guest may say yes or she may say no. If she says yes, then say, “That’s great! I’ll be in the kids’ facility, will you come by and see me? I can’t wait to see you!” If she says no, then say, “That’s too bad. I was hoping to see you again. Well, we do have a weekly event on Wednesday nights.” (Always offer a second chance to attend. It helps busy people to know there are alternatives.)
If you guest simply won’t commit to another visit, ask her if you have permission to add her to your mailing list. That way, she can get regular mailings about upcoming events.
As a side note, if someone tells me they already attend a church, I thank them for their attendance but I don’t try convince them to leave their church. That’s a decision they have to come to themselves.
I hope this script is useful to you. Keep good notes about your calls. I suggest using a spread sheet to track everything.

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