Creation Bible Lesson: The Very Good Beginning


The following children’s Bible lesson on creation will help children to understand more about how God created the world. It begins a children’s church curriculum based on The Big Picture Story Bible. These children’s church lessons can easily be modified to serve as children’s Sunday School lessons.

Download this lesson plan as a Microsoft Word document from this link – The Very Good Beginning.

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About This Children’s Bible Lesson Plan

Title: The Very Good Beginning (The Big Picture Of The Bible Lesson #1). You could also title it “In The Beginning Lesson” or “God Created The World Lesson.”

Learning Objectives: After this Bible lesson, children will demonstrate understanding of the creation story, by choosing between true and false statements.

Target Age Group: 5 – 10 years old {U.S. Kindergarten – 3rd Grade}

Bible Story: Genesis 1 – 2

Teaching Setting: This lesson was first taught in our children’s church on Sunday morning to about 25 children. Before the lesson the children participated in several songs and group Bible memory exercises. Target length of this lesson is 20 minutes.

Items Needed:

  • Printed “One Page Teaching Plan” from this lesson plan.
  • The Big Picture Story Bible (or summary of the Bible story in your own words)
  • Three pieces of paper (or marker board) displaying the “hints” from below.
  • A poster board (or marker board) displaying the “Big Questions” from below.
  • Optional: Print out one of our free creation coloring pages for a craft.

Explanation: Understanding God’s work of creation is essential. It is the basis of a Christian worldview and helps us make sense out of life. All the truth in the Bible relates back to the basic truths taught in the creation accounts of Genesis 1 – 2.¬† In this lesson, I try to stick with the main points, even through there is much more that could be said about the creation story. This creation lesson plan does not deal with the specific days of creation. The aim is to show the key themes from the creation account that is the foundation of Biblical Theology.

This lesson does not directly emphasize the person and work of Jesus Christ. However, the framework of the Gospel assumes the truths taught in this lesson. As these lessons progress through the Bible, the Gospel will become more evident. In our children’s church we continually teach the Gospel through songs, memory verses and personal testimony.

This lesson plan is part of my series based on The Big Picture Story Bible by David R. Helm and Gail Schoonmaker. These lessons can be used with other story Bibles or by telling the Bible stories in your own words. However, I strongly recommend this book for it’s excellent illustrations and unifying approach to salvation history.

Children’s Bible Lesson: The Very Good Beginning

Introduction: Say, “I am feeling hungry this morning and really wish I had a nice big chocolate chip cookie for a snack. I wonder if I could just say “Let there be cookie” and by the power of my words create a cookie out of nothing?” Hold out your hand and say it in a commanding voice¬† – look surprised when nothing happens. Ask for a volunteer to explain what went wrong. Explain that today’s lesson will help them to understand more about when God created the world.

Active Listening: Ask for children to listen for the following “hints” as you read the story. These are direct quotes from the book, be sure to emphasize them as you read. Display the following phrases on pieces of paper (or marker board):

  • simply by speaking words
  • in the image of God
  • good words to obey

Read: “Part 1″ from on The Big Picture Story Bible. (Or tell the story of creation in your own words emphasizing the hint phrases above.) Be sure to engage the children with good story telling. Ask unscripted questions to clarify points in the story.

Review: Call on volunteers to explain how the “hints” fit into the story you just read. Their responses should be something like this:

  1. God made everything simply by speaking words.
  2. People were made in the image of God.
  3. God gave the people his good words to obey.

Learning Game: Call on several older children to come to the front of the classroom. Ask them to point to the “hint” that goes with the following statements: {answers in brackets}

  • Adam & Eve were supposed to follow God’s directions. {good words to obey}
  • God make humans to be like him. {in the image of God}
  • God made all things out of nothing. {simply by speaking words}
  • God told the people what they should do. {good words to obey}
  • Only the man & woman were made special. {in the image of God}
  • God commanded everything to come into existence. {simply by speaking words}

Big Questions: Display the following on a poster board (or marker board). Call on volunteers to answer these questions based on the story. {answers in brackets}

  • God’s Place ? {Garden of Eden}
  • God’s People ? {Adam & Eve}
  • God’s Word ? {Do not eat from that tree}

True or False: Ask the children to choose with of the following statements are correct. If the statement is correct they should stand, if it is false they should remain seated.

  • God used Lego Blocks to make the first humans. {False}
  • God simply spoke and everything began to exist. {True}
  • God made the animals in His Image. {False}
  • In the beginning there was no death {True}
  • Adam & Eve were real people like us {True}
  • Over time monkeys turned into humans. {False}

Pray: Lead the children in prayer giving thanks to God for the goodness of the creation.


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    Hello Tony!

    My name is Jazmin, and I am only sixteen years old. The Lord has blessed me with the position of a Sunday School teacher in the church I attend. Your lesson plans have helped me out a lot! I translate them in Spanish because we are from a hispanic community. Thank you! God bless you!


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    Tony, thank you for providing free sunday school lessons. it’s such a big help especially for a small church like ours since we have limited resources due to financial constraints. May God bless all your endeavors! (Romans 8:28)

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    your work has been a big help in my preparation for my lessons here in our school where BIBLE is a major subject. i am waiting for your “more coming…” lessons. may God help you so you’ll be able to post them as soonest as possible. 1 Corinthians 15:58 brother!


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    Great question. This can be a common problem in smaller churches. My first suggestion is to bring any older children along as part of “leadership team” for the class. In other words, find ways for him to use his knowledge to serve the other children. This will help him stay active and encourage everyone.

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    I teach kids church in a very small rural church. I have 4 kids in church ages 4,5,7, and 9. The youngest three are new to church and the 9 year old (my son) has been raised in the church. I am concerned because the younger ones know nothing about the Bible and I have to start from scratch with them, but I don’t want to bore my son and have him left behind because he already has learned alot from our previous church. I don’t want him to lose interest all together. Any suggestions? I really don’t have anyone else willing to teach in order to split up the class either. There are about 15 attenders in our small church and most of them are elderly. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you so much.

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    Thanks for the positive feedback. My plan now is to post the lessons as I teach them over the next 6 months. That will mean some breaks on Sundays when I preach in big church or am out of town. I’ll probably do a wrap up post when I’m done, but I’ll be linking them as I go on my lessons page.

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    Hi Tony:

    EXCELLENT work here! The Big Picture Story Bible is cherished in our house (by my daughter and son, and eventually my youngest daughter, I’m sure), and I intend to incorporate some of these ideas into family worship. I also will be pointing people your way when I recommend this children’s Bible. Will you be progressively posting these?

    Thanks again.

    Steve Burchett

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