What Volunteers Really Learn When You Don’t Train Them

Let’s just be honest here.

Most kids ministry volunteers don’t get the kind of training they need to be effective. Time after time, churches learn this the hard way.

But have you ever asked what message are you sending to those workers? Here are 5 things they will learn if you do not train them.

  1. The church only cares about warm bodies to fill the roster.
  2. You are not concerned about their growth.
  3. What they actually do doesn’t matter – just show up.
  4. Kids ministry is a chore they must endure.
  5. They better learn to say “NO” next year.

So what’s your plan? Click here to respond.


  1. Becky says

    I was mentored, not formally trained but I have been involved in children’s ministry for more than 25 years now. I guess what I have learned is that the staff have to know that they are every bit a important as the kids . Just practical things like listening to their ideas and trying to implement them, showing my gratitude often with cards or small gifts, never demeaning them to a parent, and giving them opportunity to grow in every area of the ministry. I send handouts home each week that give tips on becoming a better teacher and have quarterly meetings with them. I also recommend books for them to read and build them up in front of the kids. Training can be a wonderful thing, but these are the things my mentor did for me and it’s what’s kept me in the ministry and passionate for all these years. Aside from encouraging them in their own personal walk with Christ (which goes along way in being what God needs the to be in their class) I think these things are very important.

  2. Tina says

    I became a teacher when the church split… Never had experience . I would love to be trained but I am also a full time mum with two kids and one coming soon and also a full time professional nurse. The church has no enough funds to send me to training coz it normally would be outside London . I depend on resources from different websites …. Learn them and creatively teach them. I watch videos and adapt their patterns of teaching…….

  3. Gary Harris says

    Get the book What Every Church Member Should Know About Poverty by Ruby Payne. It sounds like a lot of your kids come from a lower class structure. It helps us see the world from their perspective. As one older man riding the van said when I dropped off one girl after church, “She wakes up in a new world every day.” This is so true: mom could have a new boyfriend; they might move suddenly (as happens a lot because nobody has a job to pay the rent) which means a new house, new school, and new friends; if family services comes, they could have a new “family.” This is something that I have learned as children’s pastor in this type of neighborhood.


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