5 Cheap Mother's Day Gifts for Kids

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wood-frameSending home small Mother’s Day gifts makes kids, moms and me happy but with a group as large as mine, that can cost a pretty penny. When you’ve got more than a handful of kids, what can you do for cheap mother’s day gifts for kids? My volunteers and I recently brainstormed on this subject and came up with some cracking ideas. (At least, we think so.) so here they are: 5 cheap mother’s day gifts for kids!
Seed packets in pots: (Total cost $2.26 per gift.) My favorite dollar store had seed packets 2 for $1! Yeah! We folded one packet of seeds, lengthwise and stuffed it into a tiny terra-cotta pot. We tied some ribbon around the pot and slipped a piece of card in the ribbon. Each card had a note that read, “I’m growing in God” or “Watch me grow in the Lord!”
Pipe cleaner flowers: (Total cost $1) You need small foam coffee cups and two pipe cleaners for each. Show kids how to bend a yellow or pink flower into shape. Next, bend the green pipe cleaner into a stem with leaves. You’ll have to poke the stem through the bottom of an upside down cup. Kids can take their “flower” home to Mom.
Verse in a frame: (Total cost $1.50) You need an old bible. (One that is falling apart and ready to be thrown away is perfect) You also need pinking shears, white glue and tiny picture frames. Help kids find verses about Moms. Cut those verses out using the pinking shears. Glue the verse on a piece of construction paper. Cut down the paper to fit inside a picture frame. Allow the glue to dry, then put the verse in a frame. That’s something Mom will treasure forever!
Create Facebook messages: (Total cost $0) Set aside a quiet area of the room for Facebook interviews. Before you record with your iPhone or camera, go over what the child will say. Ask him leading questions like, “What good things has your Mom done for you?” When he’s comfortable, film the interview, then send it to Mom’s Facebook page or to her email address. What a nice Mother’s Day gift and one she’ll want to keep.
Break bags: (Total cost $2.50) Buy zippered storage bags and snacks like vintage candies (Pop Rocks, Mike and Ikes, etc) Let kids help stuff the bags. Tell Moms these are take a break bags. Tell kids these bags are just for Mom!
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