My 5 Favorite Books From Desiring God

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Update: This was last summer, they have made no similar announcements for this summer. Sorry.
Last summer (June 2007)Desiring God had a book sale with all books will be available for $5. The following are the books I bought about Children’s Ministry or parenting.

  1. Desiring God or When I Don’t Desire God by John Piper. This two books opened my eyes to what it means to have real joy in God. If you are already familiar with Dr. Piper from his preaching ministry then you might benefit more from When I Don’t Desire God. It gets very practical and helps one to live as a “Christian hedonist.”
  2. Treasuring God in Our Traditions by Noel Piper List Price: 14.99 I will be ordering this one for my own library this week. I have seen Noel’s vision for parenting transform women who read this book. Quote: “Only God can bequeath God to our children. But he uses means. He uses God-centered traditions and Bible-saturated family patterns and grace- laden heirlooms. Only God can give our children a taste for the sweetness of God. Only God can awaken them to his worth. But year in and year out there are traditions that show them: God is our Treasure.
  3. Biblical Foundations For Manhood and Womanhood, edited by Wayne Grudem List Price: 15.99 Understanding gender issues from a biblical perspective is non-negotiable for ministering to kids in our postmodern context. Quote: These writers explore key issues, including the interchangeability of male-female roles, the meaning of submission, and the historical novelty of egalitarian interpretations of Scripture. This book will demonstrate how some views of manhood and womanhood tamper with our understanding of God’s character and why the extremes of male domination and feminism destroy the beauty of our sexual differences—differences that celebrate the excellence of men and women as God created us.
  4. Most of All, Jesus Loves You! By Noel Piper List Price:9.99 This has been one of my family’s favorite bedtime books.Quote:This bedtime book for preschoolers tells the great truth that of all people who love a child, Jesus loves him or her most! It’s wonderful to have parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, and uncles and aunts who love us. But the deepest love comes from Jesus. This bedtime story will leave the sweetest of thoughts in a child’s head as the little one drifts off to sleep knowing: “Jesus loves me!”
  5. Building Strong Families List Price: 15.99 This is another one that I will be buying this week. With all the talk about ‘family minsitry’ this book should be required reading for Children’s pastors. Dennis Rainey and ten other Christian leaders understand that in order to make a change you need standards, courage, and innovative strategies. In this book you will find challenging, encouraging words on key issues ranging from gender roles and sexual intimacy within marriage to raising masculine boys and feminine girls, as well as the practical concerns of renewal in your own home and effective mentoring within the church and community.
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