7 Free Online Tools to Deepen Your Biblical Understanding

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I often take for granted all the formal Bible training I’ve had. But when I talk with Christians from around the world I realize my days in seminary were a real privilege. I often recommend online theological training to help these believers. So, let me introduce a few online training tools to help you deepen your understanding of God’s Word. Click here to tell me about your favorite.
1. Biblical Training offers free online classes in Bible, Theology, and Church leadership. You’ll find thousands of hours of world-class training without cost. Most content here was recorded onsite in the top Seminaries in the USA.
2. You Version is one of many online Bible tools. It became my favorite because it can connect with my PC and my smartphone. This is a great time of year to connect with their many Bible reading plans.
3. The Gospel Coalition has blogs, sermons, and other resources. This site is primarily geared toward pastors, but all Christian leaders can benefit from their faithful Bible teaching.
4. Theolpedia is an online encyclopedia of Biblical Christianity. It is edited by readers, but maintains a high level of oversight to keep the material accurate and true to God’s Word. Don’t confuse it with Wikipedia, this one is 100% Christian.
5. Desiring God is the teaching ministry of Pastor John Piper. They have almost every sermon he’s preached and most of his books online to download without cost. This is an amazing storehouse of God’s Word.
6. Challies.com is so much more than a personal blog.  The book reviews, biblical reflections, and even news stories help me think from a biblical perspective. Follow along in 2011 and you’ll be sure to grow in your understanding.
7. Spurgeon.org contains a massive amount of content from Charles Spurgeon. He was perhaps the most celebrated preacher in the English language and every sermon was saturated with the word of God.
Of course there are millions of other helpful websites for Christians. These were the first handful that I would recommend if you really want to deepen your understanding of God’s word this year. Click here to recommend your favorite or comment on this list.

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