9 Things a Kids Ministry Leader Needs to Hear

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A woman trying to listen the sound around her
Kids ministry can be one of the most exciting ministries but it can challenge you, too. It’s easy to feel isolated, unappreciated and well, misunderstood even in a supportive environment.
Sometimes, the kids ministry leader just needs to hear a kind word. If you’re wondering what to say, try one of these 9 things a kids min leader needs to hear.

  1. Thank you. Kids don’t always remember to say it, parents can forget it but these two little words make all the difference. On behalf of others, I must remind everyone that a simple but heartfelt “thank you” is deserved and appreciated. Send a card, post a “thank you” status or make a phone call. It makes all the difference.
  2. I am praying for you. A promise of prayer support encourages us! When people pray, things happen–great things!
  3. Your ministry matters. As mentioned earlier, the children’s pastor can feel isolated. We work in a segregated area, caring for kids away from the rest of the grown ups. We love it but sometimes we need to hear that what we do matters. It helps.
  4. We recognize your other gifts and abilities. Okay, Senior Pastor. You have to look past the tutu-wearing and goldfish-swallowing antics of the children’s ministry leader. There’s more than you see! Please tell us that you recognize our other gifts. We need to hear that if you want us to grow.
  5. Teach us how to do that! We love to teach. And not just kids! Give us a chance to teach others how to minister to children and families.
  6. I have an idea! You think we never lack ideas but we do. Any ideas you have about themes, lessons or problem solving, we welcome!
  7. Yes, I have extra cardboard boxes. Please help us find extra supplies. We need to build props like rocket ships and wacky games.
  8. No, you’re not too old/young/silly etc. On days when our knees hurt, we feel like we can’t go another service, tell us that we have what it takes–despite our challenges.
  9. Yes! You can have that new _______! Now this is what we love to hear. Please help us minister with excellence.

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