Jonah Bible Coloring Page

This free coloring page is based on the book of Jonah. It’s one part of our series of illustrations for each individual book of the Bible. Click on the image above for the printable PDF version. We’ve also uploaded this illustration as a jpeg file for any readers that need to customize. The illustration shows Jonah in the water as he is swallowed by the … More Children’s Ministry Resources

"39 Books of the Old Testament" Bible Coloring Pages

Get the combined set of all 66 Books of the Bible coloring book for only $10 from the Sunday School Store. This both saves you time AND supports the artists who created these beautiful coloring sheets. The collage above was adapted from our free Old Testament coloring pages. Y These coloring page illustrations are part of our larger series where Mandy … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Nahum Bible Lesson: Punishment or Protection?

The following lesson was prepared for a small group of students ranging in ages 6-8.  The lesson is my personal supplement to a Gospel Project lesson on Nahum.  The lesson can be adapted to meet the needs of your ministry. Bible Passage:  Nahum Bible Story Title:  Nahum-Punishment or Protection? Target Age Group: Ages 6-11 (K-5th Grade U.S.A.) Target Time Frame: … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Jonah and the Whale Cartoon Illustrations

This cartoon illustration of “Jonah and the Whale” could be used as a teaching illustration for your Bible Lesson about the prophet Jonah. In this graphic, the large purple whale/fish is swallowing the stubborn prophet. It’s important to remember this was God’s way of saving the man from the worse fate of drowning in the open ocean! You can download … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Jonah and the Whale Coloring Pages

Use these sequence coloring sheets to tell the story of Jonah and the Whale. Click here to see more stories like this or browse all our Bible coloring pages. You can also browse all our free Jonah lessons and resources. We recommend using the whole set as an Bible story activity. The first page can be colored and then cut into four story segments. Finally, … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Bible Lesson: The Two Paths (Psalm 1)

This lesson allows students to use inductive Bible study methods with Psalm 1.  The lesson combines the 4 methods introduced in previous lessons (Jonah and Philemon).  The lesson was prepared for older elementary students and can be used as a guide for your ministry’s needs. Learning Goal:  Students will discover how to take the path of the righteous and avoid … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Jonah Runs from God Coloring Page

Directions: Click the image above to download a printable version of this Jonah coloring page. We’ve also uploaded a high resolution jpeg image for advanced editing. You can also browse all our free Jonah lessons and resources. This cartoon clip-art style pictures shows Jonah running away from God. The illustration shows two directional signs, one points toward Nineveh and the other toward Tarshish. This … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Sequence Bible Story Cards

This page lists all our sequence Bible story coloring pages. Amy Fenton Lee first suggested this type of resource to better serve children with special needs. We soon found that this is a helpful method for all children to review important Bible stories. Click here to leave a comment or suggest future stories we should illustrate in this way. Daniel … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Sunday School Lesson: Jonah Runs From God

This lesson is based on the the first chapter of the Book of Jonah.  It focuses on how a person’s disobedience to God causes difficulty in the lives of others.  Despite knowing his mission from God, Jonah allowed prejudice and fear to control his actions. This lesson plan was prepared for older elementary Sunday School, but you modify it to use … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Sunday School Lesson: Jonah's Undersea Accommodations

This is the second lesson created for the study of Jonah.  This particular lesson deals with dying to self and living for Christ.  The lesson may be more appropriate for students who have been believers and are maturing in their faith.  The lesson clearly presents the Gospel so students who are unsaved can be exposed to the salvation message.  The lesson can … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Lesson: Jonah Obeys and Nineveh Repents

This lesson is taken from Jonah 3 where Jonah obeys God and is given a second chance to go to Nineveh.  As Jonah obeys God the people of Nineveh believe God’s message and repent.  This lesson shows the importance of believers obeying God’s command to go into the world and preach the Good News and leave the results up to … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Jonah Gets Mad at God (Children's Sunday School Lesson)

This lesson is based on Jonah’s response to God’s mercy to the Ninevites from Jonah 4.  Jonah had experienced God’s mercy and was given a second chance in his life.  Jonah was unmerciful in his response to God’s compassion and mercy to the repentant Ninevites.  The lesson uses Matthew 18:21-35 to bring in a New Testament Scripture as a parallel … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Children's Bible Lesson: Water is God's Gift

This lesson is shared as Ministry-To-Children’s contribution to Blog Action Day 2010.  The goal of the event is to encourage bloggers worldwide to post about the same issue on the same day on their blogs, sparking discussion about a topic of global importance.  Today, we are participating in the discussion about the 2010 theme, Water, through the sharing of this … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Trunk or Treat: Car Decoration Ideas for Church

Trunk or Treat can be a fun way for churches to serve their community around Halloween. It’s a simple idea – volunteers decorate their cars in the church parking lot and invite the kids to trick or treat in a safe environment. This post shares some simple ideas for car decorations. Christian trunk or treat ideas 7 Awesome Trunk or … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Jonah Bible Lessons for Children

I recently finished teaching through the book of Jonah in our Children’s Church. I began to see some big themes in Jonah that I had missed before. Here is an outline of what I taught, it will need some adaptation to fit in your ministry. This page offers some hints for teaching this important Bible story to children. Below you … More Children’s Ministry Resources