All-in-One Bible Fun: Preschool Sunday School Curriculum

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Teaching a preschool class at church is challenging.  Children age 3 to 5 are full of energy and need an engaging learning environment.  As a Kids Pastor, I’m always looking for reliable curriculum for our preschool classes.  It has to be something that I can hand off to my teachers with minimal verbal instructions.
So, I was glad to take a look at the All-in-One Bible Fun from Abingdon Press.  This is an undated curriculum of with four books. Each one offers 13 sunday school lessons for preschoolers. They also produce an elementary school version of each book. Here are the four titles in the series:

  • Stories of Jesus
  • Favorite Bible Stories
  • Fruits of the Spirit
  • Heroes of the Bible

They sent me a preschool edition copy of Stories of Jesus to review. They are easy to understand.  All the directions, supply lists, and Bible stories were very clear.  The varies learning activities were well suited for preschool children.

Our Last Minute Review

tony-with-all-in-one-bible-fun-bookOn Sunday morning, my wife volunteered to teach the preschool class at the last minute. I ask her to use these preschool Sunday school lessons and let me know what she thought. Her class consisted of 6 children age three and four.  The class meets during the morning worship service.
With only 15 minutes of preparation time, she was very pleased with the outcome of the class. The children enjoyed the variety of learning activities and learned that Jesus is the Son of God. She really liked the straightforward approach to preschool sunday school crafts.  Her only problem was choosing which of the many activities to skip when she was short on time.
These books are only $10 each. That is a very affordable price for 13 weeks of lessons for a preschool Sunday School class. To view an excerpt from these books, visit the Abingdon Press or Cokesbury websites.

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