Bible Puzzle: Creation Cut-and-Glue

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Bible Puzzle: Creation Cut-and-Glue Printable
Children review what God made each day of creation by gluing pictures on the correct days.

This is part of a series called Bible Puzzle with a variety of different puzzles. Besides pencils, some need Bibles, crayons, and/or scissors and glue. Some are easier or harder than others.
Don’t miss our other free resources for teaching the Biblical days of Creation. The children will especially enjoy the creation coloring pages and this printable days of creation game.

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  1. I want to thank your team for this site. I hope that you realize how much this has helped small congregations that do not have the funds to purchase materials to teach God’s children. You are a beacon of light that will shed among many generations by helping us spread God’s word. May God bless you all.

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