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sentinel.jpgMy wife and I have two boys, one girl and a third boy on the way! So, when I heard about Landel Bilbrey’s Christian fantasy novel about two boys becoming men — I was interested.
He graciously sent me a copy and I am glad to share a little information about it with you. If you want more details check out the book’s website. You can even sample the first 6 chapters! The book is available at Sentinel: City of Destiny
My oldest son is 7 and reads very well for his age. We’ve read through several of the chronicles of Narnia and other chapter books. His reaction after the opening chapter of Sentinel was, “Cool.” He’s really into the themes this book brings out: courage, honor, service, and following God’s plan.
The book is more allegory than I expected, but he has no trouble connecting the double meanings with real life. It’s teaching is not veiled like C.S. Lewis — it’s obviously a book of Christian teachings. This is the kind of book that parents and kids should read together. It’s a great way to talk about faith with your sons (or daughters). Don’t be intimidated, the glossary and study guide in the back are a great help.
I could see a book like this as the basis for a boys reading club over the summer. Perhaps a few dads & sons could meet together every other week to discuss several chapters. This might just be the kind of adventure that would open some boys eyes to the joy of reading.
This is the kind of book that my boys will enjoy reading more than once!

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