Candy Corn Activities for Children's Ministry

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candy-cornFrom October to the end of November, you’ll always find candy corn in my kids church. It’s inexpensive, sweet and great inspiration for kids min activities. If you’re looking for a few filler ideas for your fall sessions, plug in one of these candy corn activities. Keep things on the sweeter side with some candy corn ideas.
Candy Corn Prayers: You’ll need to print a candy corn template for this activity. The templates should be large enough for children to write their prayer requests in. Cut the candy corn papers out before the kids arrive. Place a twig tree in the center of the table and instruct the kids to hang the candy corns from the branches, like a prayer tree. (You’ll also need yarn for tying to the trees.)
Candy Corn Guessing Game: Before the kids arrive pour candy corn into a clean, dry Mason jar. Look at the candy bags to see how many candies are in the bag. Add up the candy corns and write that number down. When kids come in, they can guess how many candy corns are in the jar. They should write their guess down on a sheet of paper. After everyone has had a chance to guess, announce the winner. The kid closest to the actual number wins the jar and gets to take it home!
Candy Corn Drop: Place a wide-mouthed jar on a carpeted floor. Give each child 10 candy corns and tell him or her to drop the corn into the jar. It’s harder to do than it looks! One by one, the kids should drop in the corn from chest level and see who gets the most in the jar. For added fun, have the children take turns standing on a step stool for more height. This makes this activity even more challenging!
Break out the candy corn and have fun with these cool activities.
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