Turkey Games for Kids Ministry

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turkey-cartoonBesides playing a starring role in many Thanksgiving dinner, turkeys have little to do with Thanksgiving but understandably, children associate turkeys with the holiday. It is easy to implement some turkey games into your November kids ministry itinerary. You can use turkey games as a pre-lesson activity or use them as the end of an exciting teaching session. Inexpensive and easy to put together, I love these two turkey game ideas.
Turkey Trot: For this games, you’ll need two fuzzy dice (you can find them dollar stores) and duct tape for a start and finish line. Space the start and finish line about 10 or more feet apart. Place the fuzzy dice on a flat surface like a table. You’ll need two groups of turkeys and two dice rollers. You can use any number you like but the groups should be equal in size. Divide the turkeys into two teams. Appoint one person for each team to be the dice roller.
The object of this game is to get all your turkeys across the finish line. The roller rolls the dice and calls out the number to one of the turkeys. The turkey must put his hands under his armpits like a bird and say “Gobble, Gobble,” as he takes the appropriate number of steps. Only one turkey can go at a time. The first player to get everyone across the finish line first is the winner!
Turkey in the Straw: You’ll need a small plastic swimming pool, straw or paper shred and plastic or paper turkeys. The turkeys should be small and easy to hide. Fill the pool with the straw or shred and hide the turkeys. You need enough turkeys for each child to find. Have kids line up in two lines a few feet away from the straw. When you give the signal, the kids should run forward to grab a turkey from the straw. Once they find a turkey, they run to the end of the line and wait for the rest of their team to find a turkey. The team that gets all their turkeys first is the winner!
Have fun with these easy turkey games!
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