Children’s Bible Broadcast

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This resource was shared by Jacob Balakitsis, the Student Pastor at NorthSide Baptist Church in Nolanville, Tx.

The Children’s Bible Broadcast is a series designed to teach boys and girls Bible truths while having fun! Sing Bible songs, memorize scripture, watch amazing science experiments, hear missionary stories, and listen to Bible lessons, all from one place! They can serve as a fill in children’s church when you are unable to be at your Church, or just a fun time after school! We hope they are a blessing to you and your family!

I’m contacting you because I’ve seen some of your materials online and figured I would see if you had an interest in making use of some resources we had put together. As a result of the COVID-19 safeguards, our church switched to online services and one of the things we made was a biweekly broadcast for children. They are available on youtube and facebook, and each episode include links to black and white, or color activity sheets. 

  • Church Web link; NorthSide Baptist Church
  • Church Facebook; Northside Nolanville
  • Church Twitter; @NSBCNolanville
  • Academy Web link; NorthSide Baptist Academy
  • Academy Facebook; NorthSide Academy and EEC

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