Children’s Bible Broadcast

Children's Bible Broadcast

This resource was shared by Jacob Balakitsis, the Student Pastor at NorthSide Baptist Church in Nolanville, Tx. The Children’s Bible Broadcast is a series designed to teach boys and girls Bible truths while having fun! Sing Bible songs, memorize scripture, watch amazing science experiments, hear missionary stories, and listen to Bible lessons, all from one place! They can serve as … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Collective Worship Videos: The Bible Tales

This is a guest post from the Bible Tales, check out their YouTube channel if you are looking for some more creative Bible storytelling for children. Another excellent online kids church option. Here at The B Tales we aim to bring the Bible to life for children and young people through theatre. We tour churches and schools as well as … More Children’s Ministry Resources

New Creature Creations: Animated Bible Study for Kids

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This is a guest from Mark & Stacy Ayers, the creators of New Creature Creations. Parents and Pastors: Are you looking for a great way to minister to your children at home or at church? Check out our website for a free animated children’s curriculum, including a leader’s guide that can be utilized by parents or church leaders. The New Creature … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Video Tour of the Holy Land for Kids

Easter Family Experience

CrossRoads Kids Club just finished editing their Easter Family Experience (filmed in Israel) so we are sharing right away in case it would be helpful to churches this weekend. If it’s helpful, we’d love for you to share with your families. You can also click here to leave feedback about this free resource! Full Family Tour of the Israel for … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Kids Church Online / Virtual Sunday School

Kids need Bible teaching, even when the church is closed. This page lists our favorite free resources for virtual Sunday School and kids church online. Online Children’s Church Service Kidology Kids Church Online FREE ONLINE KID’S CHURCH SERVICE FOR CHURCHES WHO HAVE HAD TO CANCEL PUBLIC GATHERINGS If your church, like mine, has had to cancel services, I created a … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Christmas Video Clips?

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Got a great question from a reader today: Hello! is there any video clips that you have created about Christmas or any video clip that you can recommend about Christmas? 10 Awesome Video Clips for Kids about Christmas Any of these videos would be a strong addition to your Christmas Sunday School lessons. God’s Story: Christmas Crossroads Kids’ Club People … More Children’s Ministry Resources

"Abraham" Bible Story Video for Preschool or Toddlers (Genesis 12)

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This video was made for younger kids and teaches about God’s Promise to Abraham. It’s from the preschool ministry at Crossroads Kids Club. Watch the preview below and then download a copy from their page on Vimeo. Don’t miss all their free Bible teaching videos. For more help, don’t miss our printable story of Abraham coloring pages.    

Video Bible Story: Peter Follows Jesus (free download)

We’ve been using the free online materials from Crossroads Kids Club in our children’s church. I especially love their videos as an extra resource to review our Bible lesson. Here’s one of their latest featuring the Apostle Peter. It’s a mini Bible study on the life of Peter all in one kid-friendly video. You can watch online or download from the Crossroads Kids Club … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Video: David and Goliath Bible Story (free download)

In this animated video from Crossroads Kids Club, children will learn how God helped young David to defeat Goliath. This video is a helpful way to review the story from 1 Samuel 17 with children. Watch this to supplement your Sunday School lesson or Children’s church study. The video clip above includes the full biblical versions of David killing Goliath. If that … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Video: God Creates the World (free download)

In this animated video from Crossroads Kids Club, children will learn how the creation is part of God’s story. This video is a helpful way to review the content from Genesis 1 with children. It is basic enough for younger preschoolers, but complete enough for older elementary children also. Talks about how God made light, dark, the Earth, animals, plants, … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Video: Why is Children's Ministry Important?

Watch the video below to see how 25 of the smartest people in kids ministry answer that question. Then click here to share your opinion. This video was filmed during the 2011 Children’s Ministry Expo in Lexington, KY. I only gave each person about 10 seconds to think before they started talking. So these are gut level reactions on why … More Children’s Ministry Resources

"It Is Well With My Soul" Amazing Harmony

I’ve posted a few videos from Daves Highway before, but this one may be my new favorite. The trio has grown up a little, but their harmony is still amazing. Watch the video below and leave a comment to let me know what you think.

Video: Dancing for Joy about Jesus' Resurrection

This amazing video is from the people at Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. They wanted to show their city the joy of Christ. It looks like they did exactly that! Enjoy this video and then recommend it to your friends on Facebook. From reading the description on YouTube, this was also a service project. Each participant donated a pair … More Children’s Ministry Resources