Video: Why is Children's Ministry Important?

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Watch the video below to see how 25 of the smartest people in kids ministry answer that question. Then click here to share your opinion.

This video was filmed during the 2011 Children’s Ministry Expo in Lexington, KY. I only gave each person about 10 seconds to think before they started talking. So these are gut level reactions on why kids ministry matters. You might also enjoy my list of 68 practical benefits of children’s ministry.

Credits ~ In order of appearance

  1. @dandibell
  2. @mattmckee
  3. Mindy Spurrier
  4. @michaelchanley
  5. @MeredithTeasley
  6. @stocksohio
  7. @gregbaird
  8. Johnny Rogers
  9. @westwoodkids
  10. Tina Bryson
  11. @r_frank
  12. Emily Frazier
  13. @SpencerClick
  14. @gina_mcclain
  15. @stevemhicks
  16. Annie Mead
  17. Coach D. Robinson
  18. @yancynotnancy
  19. @dalehudsoncm
  20. @jimwideman
  21. @bhmjeremy
  22. @rogerfields // @blitzchicky was cut for time : (
  23. @pastorjustyn
  24. @kathryngood
  25. @jgoodyear
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