Free Animated Bible Stories Podcast for Families from RoKit

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This is a guest post from RoKit Phones about their free Bible Video Podcast for Families.

All over the world many young Christians and their families are adjusting their church and Sunday school routines due to the Coronavirus. The inability to attend services in large groups has really affected the way that families practice. Parents who are working full time or juggling new responsibilities might find it challenging to maintain their children’s religious education. However, there are tools and activities that can make lives easier. ROKiT Phones has come up with a solution for the whole family by introducing a free animated video podcast series titled, The Bible Video Podcast.

ROKiT Phones, creators of glasses-free 3D smartphones, is bringing the Bible to life beginning with the book of Genesis. The hardworking animators at ROKiT Studios have created three minute shorts that can easily be understood by youngsters. The Bible Video Podcast series is available on multiple platforms. To watch the series for free, anyone regardless of the type smartphone or computer they have, can listen and watch the podcasts online on Apple Podcasts or view it through the company’s YouTube channel.

Previously, the series was only accessible through ROKFLiX 3D, which is a paid subscription app available on ROKiT’s 3D phones. However, it was important to the co-founder of the company, Jonathan Kendrick, to adapt the series so that it was available for free worldwide. Kendrick grew up reading and studying the Bible and has a passion for its history and scriptures. He’s delighted that the series is now available for all to watch with their families.

We hope you and your family enjoy The Bible Video Podcast as you spend this important time together. Take a look at the first episode of the series, featuring the creation of the world:

YouTube video

Families can watch 26 animated Bible stories (FREE)

There are currently 26 episodes available of The Bible Video Podcast to watch and listen to. Every Tuesday, two more educational and entertaining animated shorts will be downloadable for all to enjoy in the comfort of home. The first eight seasons will focus on the Old Testament, which will have 148 episodes in total. In the coming months, ROKiT Phones will also produce and release stories from the New Testament.

We suggest assigning a couple of clips each day for your child to watch and write about. Some parents might choose to read the responses as a teacher might and offer feedback when necessary. Other parents might prefer to have an open discussion about the episodes and allow their child to voice thoughts, opinions, and questions. There is no wrong way to approach the videos, ROKiT Phones is just hoping to facilitate the learning. 

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